Comments by Malcholm Dark

  • "I like this... very cool... ink is the glue that makes the poet... when he or she is done they look at what was created and feel good... thanks for sharing"
    Posted by Malcholm Dark on "Until Penned" by Alchemist
  • "great visuals... I see turning autumn leaves and flowers... maybe a little splash of blood or a zombie caterpillar is needed... lol... nice tankas, now try a really dark tanka... write on, my friend"
    Posted by Malcholm Dark on "Our Secret Colonnades" by lupus tenebrae
  • "final judgement: roll one, smoke it then continue on through the valley... lol... short but sweet... it does have epitaph type of verbiage to it... I like it... more than one meaning... write on"
    Posted by Malcholm Dark on "The Valley of death." by Demonarion
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