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I am.
Anything else would be redundant.

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Poetry (Tribute)2011-01-07To Mr. E A Poe
Poetry (Tribute)2011-01-07Russia's Child
Poetry (Ironic)2011-01-07Anon
Poetry (Love)2011-01-09The Confrontation
Poetry (Philosophical)2011-02-18Lucifer's Song
Poetry (Reflective)2011-02-27A Riddle for Our Time
Poetry (Love)2011-04-23A Memory of the Sea
Poetry (Comedy)2012-01-10Mock on, Dank Raven
Poetry (Philosophical)2012-03-20An Empty Chair
Poetry (Philosophical)2012-03-30Ode to Nietzsche
Poetry (Depressed)2012-04-03The Wilted Stem
Poetry (Depressed)2012-04-27Weep, Weep
Poetry (Love)2012-09-25From Sir to Miss; A Celestial Romance
Poetry (Reflective)2012-10-04The Length of Time
Poetry (Philosophical)2012-10-08Beauty Bowl
Poetry (Tribute)2012-10-13O Sleeper, Arise
Other (Philosophical)2012-10-19The Dichotomy of a Music Box
Poetry 2013-02-02The Fix
Poetry (Philosophical)2013-02-20Eye of the Needle
Poetry (Personal)2013-02-27For Shame
Poetry 2013-03-12Happy
Poetry (Personal)2013-03-29Linoleum
Poetry (Philosophical)2013-03-31Sad
Poetry 2013-05-11Lifeguarding
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