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I can do many great and amazing things. It's daily life I can't figure out.

The tale of neverland holds more truths than fictions. I know for I was one of the lost boys and most likely forever shall be.
"Lost Boy"

you know its bad when a gypsy calls you vagrant scum.
"Overheard at mile marker 314"

"I can not stop thinking about you. I'm not sure if it's resentment, love, or jealousy but I know damn well it is delusional.
"the ex"

"f--- it man." "aw that's a bad attitude to have"
~The best advice never listened to"

"what I do is important , yet I am completely irrelevant"

"Oh woe are those who cry alone for the sake of those who will never know"
"attributed to pops"

"The reason help never comes is because people are short sighted. Crazy breeds "there has to be something wrong" Insanity breeds "He seemed so nice" am I droning?"

Iwas's Works

Poetry (Reflective)2009-09-06The Lie That Lost A Life
Poetry (Reflective)2009-09-20Dust settles silent
Poetry (Rage)2009-09-22Rage to a childs tune
Poetry 2009-11-15Sad to see you smile.
Poetry 2010-02-19A drunkin jumble of words that mean nothing to no one.
Poetry (Depressed)2010-10-12As welders cry.
Poetry (Horror)2010-11-04My mortal hell.
Poetry 2011-01-10Missing Saints
Poetry 2011-05-02Mad Man
Poetry 2011-05-18The old young man.
Poetry 2012-03-04I think I broke you.
Poetry 2012-05-04relapse of control.
Poetry 2012-05-26Re-Born
Poetry 2013-04-07Traditionally Dead.
Poetry 2013-10-24Paranoid's Lullaby
Poetry 2013-12-20Untitled
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