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Poetry is the way I have chosen
to tell my story.

I hope you get something out of what
you read here.

Thank you. -Beth

ColorMeToxic's Works

Poetry 2011-09-20who lives, who dies, who suffers
Poetry 0000-00-00Insomniac dreams
Poetry 2015-11-10Haunted Memories (revised again) -_-
Poetry (Haiku)2015-11-18Cerebral
Poetry (Personal)2015-11-23Crippled
Poetry 2015-11-24Letting go
Poetry 2015-11-25-_-
Poetry 2015-12-12not another suicide poem
Poetry 2015-12-18I need you
Poetry 2016-03-17cinquain
Poetry 2016-01-03These eyes of mine (written with GhettoZombie)
Poetry 2016-01-05Pieces
Poetry 0000-00-00Happiness
Poetry 0000-00-00Broken Hearts
Poetry 2016-03-11Fade
Poetry 2016-03-14Shame
Poetry 2016-03-19The Bloom of Youth
Poetry 0000-00-00I Am the Tenderness Beneath (w/GhettoZombie & Lupus Tenebrae)
Poetry 2011-12-10verbal sadism (renamed)
Poetry (Depressed)2015-10-22scars II
Poetry (Depressed)2015-08-17here we go again
Other 2011-10-29doom
Poetry 2015-11-03but I do miss you.
Poetry 2011-12-11You see right through me
Poetry 2011-07-13You can't hide from self
Other 2011-06-22Writers Block
Poetry 2011-04-23Will I Ever Be Ready?
Journal 2010-12-17What I think but don't usually say...random thoughts.
Poetry (Abuse)2011-03-12Victory Over The Vortex
Poetry (Personal)2011-10-28VIII Years.
Poetry 2013-07-11Untitled (for now)
Poetry 0000-00-00Untitled
Poetry (Tribute)2011-10-07Turbulence
Poetry (Structured)2015-10-12Triple Exposure (with GhettoZombie and LupusTenebrae)
Poetry 2010-11-08To the one I still love,
Poetry 2011-12-17To You, Random Stranger
Poetry (Personal)2010-12-17The O.C.D.emon
Graphic Art (Personal)2011-11-11The Day That Changed My Life Forever
Poetry (Abuse)2011-03-06The Bad
Poetry 2013-01-03T
Poetry 2011-10-09Stronger Now
Poetry 2011-09-16Stage-fright
Poetry 2011-03-28Shattered Reflection
Poetry 2011-01-16Self Discovery
Poetry 2010-09-23Scars (old)
Poetry 2011-02-18Proclamation
Poetry 2015-10-27POLITICS OF A SATURDAY NIGHT (Written By GhettoZombie)
Poetry (Abuse)2011-07-03P.T.S.D.
Poetry 2013-09-04Okay After All (repost)
Poetry 2011-08-02My Sea of Despair
Poetry 2011-01-02My Little Corner
Poetry 2013-03-28Music Moves Me
Poetry (Personal)2011-09-29Muse No More
Poetry 2012-01-16Mother, Earth (Paradelle)
Other 2011-09-29More random thoughts, and stuff.
Poetry (Abuse)2011-11-29Like the Willow...She Weeps.
Poetry (Depressed)2015-09-19Life: A disease for people like me
Poetry 2010-09-22Life Taken
Poetry 2011-11-28It was worth it
Graphic Art 2011-09-13It Is Done,
Poetry 2011-12-16Isolate (renamed)
Poetry 2013-03-27Intangible Thorny Tattoo (written with Natalie)
Poetry 2011-08-31In time
Poetry (Abuse)2010-12-15In My Place
Poetry (Abuse)2010-12-18I've Got To Get Out
Poetry (Depressed)2015-09-21I'm fine. (but I'm really not)
Poetry (Personal)2013-04-04I confess
Graphic Art 2011-11-12I am
Poetry (Tribute)2011-09-07I Will Always Cry.
Poetry (Personal)2011-01-25I Refuse
Poetry 2011-02-14I Forgave You
Poetry 2011-02-22I Believe in Ghosts (With Evangeline)
Graphic Art (Tribute)2011-08-08His Stone.
Poetry (Reflective)2013-01-04Her Sanpaku Eyes
Poetry (Abuse)2011-05-04Hell Bent.
Poetry 2011-07-26For the Liars (in my life)
Poetry 2011-08-23Ever-present Metaphorical Bandages...
Poetry 2013-08-30Don't let them take your smile
Poetry 2015-10-26Depression IV
Poetry (Haiku)2011-10-09Depression II
Poetry (Depressed)2010-10-17Depression
Poetry 2012-01-10Death March
Graphic Art (Tribute)2010-09-22Dear Dad
Poetry (Structured)2015-08-06Crucified, By Dying Light (feat GhettoZombie and lupus tenebrae)
Poetry 2015-11-04Blah
Poetry 2011-09-11Astral Travel
Other (Personal)2011-11-11A note.
Poetry 2012-01-11A Life Sentence (no crime committed)
Poetry (Personal)2011-02-1521 Gun Salute
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