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any questions, or if you just wanna chat you can hit me up on facebook.
Name= Antwan Jamison
unfortunately im not around the site as much as i once was.

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Poetry 2011-09-14Nightmare Glaze
Poetry 2011-09-16Innocence Abandoned
Poetry 2011-09-16Burried Treasure
Poetry 2011-09-16Leprosy
Poetry 2011-09-23the boy pt. 2 (the man)
Poetry 2011-10-07Concrete nest
Poetry 2011-10-07Untitled
Poetry 2011-10-07Get a clue
Poetry 2011-10-07Fallen Angel
Poetry 2011-10-07By the bed post, saying the nightly prayer
Poetry 2011-10-07the voices tell me this.
Poetry 2011-10-07T\O/R\m/e\N/t
Poetry 2011-12-09soul
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