the boy pt. 2 (the man)

By Dead_Weight

now 27
he still remembers the day
that his sanity let go
and just drifted away
it was the night he spent three hours
locked in the dark
kicking and screaming
as the bugs tore him apart
the man was just a boy then
and the boy had no reprieve
the man still lets the boy live
through the scars under his sleave
the man no longer fears the dark
infact he's come to love it
instead of being scared
he's taking comfort from it
locking himself in the closet
conversing with the voices
the man is always happy here
welcoming the noises
because the demons never hurt him
to the man they never lie
while in his dark place
the man no longer cries
he makes love with his knife
rosie is her name
she caresses his skin
draining all the shame
making him a better man
filling in the void
taking all the hate away
that he's lived with since a boy
but the man is now kind of
addicted to the pain
no longer can the belt hurt the boy
the man has turned it to a game
he mixes it with sex
the shrinks all hate that shit
they do not understand the man
they say the man is sick
they say he is a troubled soul
they're calling him a monster
all because he went through hell
back when he was younger
but he had to build defences
something better than a wall
so he let go of all feeling
and succumbed to the demons call
it helps him make it through the day
and what youre calling sanity
it also helped him come to grips
with his complex called insanity

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Copyright 2011 Dead_Weight
Published on Friday, September 23, 2011.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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