I write dark poetry mostly rhyme every once in a while i might do free prose.

the dream is becoming a reality and the dreamer just a dream I control everything with a thought stand before me in your ineptitude and allow me to mold you into a being newly formed yet twisted by the chaotic being you once were and walk upon the Stygian shores beside me while I lift you into the position of power you deserve

nightshade's Works

Poetry 0000-00-00Limited time
Poetry 2011-01-09shadows of our hearts 2
Poetry 2011-01-09Shadows of the heart 1
Poetry 2011-01-09triple headed octopus
Poetry 2010-12-21Recollected Disillusions With Natalie and Model32
Poetry (Love)2010-12-10Boys kissing boys
Poetry (Horror)2010-11-01Formaldehyde Dreams
Poetry 2010-10-26Times gone by
Poetry 2010-10-25Mighty Warrior (the calling)
Poetry (Horror)2010-10-25Empty fears
Poetry 2010-10-25Unsung melody
Poetry 2010-10-25Chasing Pavement
Poetry (Abuse)2005-02-22Malignant trust
Poetry (Depressed)2007-05-07Turned Away
Poetry 2007-05-07Poisoned Innocence
Poetry (Horror)2006-07-08Shadow Twins
Poetry 2006-07-09lone drum
Poetry (Horror)2006-06-25I come
Poetry (Love)2006-06-25Wistful Echos
Poetry (Horror)2006-06-25Dark Knight
Poetry (Horror)1999-11-19The Ride
Poetry (Depressed)2005-01-08My Pain
Poetry (Horror)2004-03-16dismal shadow
Poetry (Love)2004-03-05Wasting away
Poetry 2004-03-03Angel
Poetry (Abuse)2004-03-03Discomfiting Twilight
Poetry 2004-03-01A dying mind
Poetry 2004-02-27Maleficent Fraternity
Poetry 2004-02-23Dashed Hopes
Poetry 2004-02-23Sweet Escape
Poetry 2004-02-22Crimson soul
Poetry 2004-02-22Your Hate
Poetry 2004-02-22Loving a Ghost
Poetry 2004-02-22waiting on life
Poetry (Reflective)1996-06-02Treasure Lost
Poetry 2004-02-03Loves Digress
Poetry 2004-02-03Masquerade
Poetry 2004-02-03The dance of shadows
Poetry (Horror)2004-02-03The Messenger
Poetry 2004-02-03Wrapped in lies
Poetry (Personal)2004-02-03Ebony Heart
Poetry (Love)2004-02-01Splendor of Love (edited)
Poetry 2004-02-01Thinking of You
Poetry 2004-02-01Forgotten Gods
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