Times gone by

By nightshade

I stand atop battlements square
Looking upon my domain so fair
I sheath my sword upon my hip
Then crawl within my battleship
Up periscope, I yell Land Ho!
Upon my first mate I bestow
A crown of silver shining bright
I’ve just made him my trusted knight
Into The fortress walls of brown
Out through the roof I slip to visit my town.

Minature houses made of plastic blocks
I run across the carpet in my socks
Onto the kitchen floor I slide with glee
It’s just my imaginary friend and me.
The Castle of Greyskull and he-man
I want that Mommy I demand.

My poor friend he’s gone you see
I’m now a big boy thus I decree
Little cards in plastic mats
What’s his RBI and times at bat

Little eggs hidden all around
How many have I already found
Sunday coats and a big boys tie
Oh my how the time does fly.

Here I lay upon the cold cement
Watching sparks dance to my amazement
Cookouts and sparklers all over the place
Be careful son it could blow up in your face
Here we are on the forth of july
Oh how I hate it when the time flies

Now I don my plastic fangs and cape
Off I go covered in reflective tape
House to house up the sidewalk I creep
To get me something good to eat
Trick or treating is so much fun
Look at all my candy when I get done

Now we come to this thankful day
We sit round the big table and say
Thanks for the turkey and sweet potato pie
I dare to peek as others close their eyes
Cranberry sauce and mom’s homemade dressing
I close my eyes quick as they finish the blessing

We pull out a tree and drape it with lights
I wrap myself in tinsel to my parents delight
I hang my stocking by the chimney with care
I run to my room should I peek do I dare
I crawl into bed with thoughts of the morn
I hope I don’t get coal my heart would be torn,
I wake up early while everyone’s asleep
Along the hallway and down the stairs I creep
I crawl on my knees under the tree
I want to know what Santa brought me.
I open the first box and my heart drops
There’s only a piece of paper in this big box
It says to take 10 steps forward so off I go
After many more notes I see a big bow
I dash forward and I what do I see
A shiny new bicycle just for me.

The years have pass like the sands through the glass
How I wish I could go back to the past.

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Copyright 2010 nightshade
Published on Tuesday, October 26, 2010.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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Comments on "Times gone by"

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  • A former member wrote: Oh to be a young child again...how nice that would be. Something I often find myself thinking about. Nice write, shade. Thanks for sharing.

  • A former member wrote: it is very good overall. I would work on the flow and transitions a little more. The second stanza jumps around just a tad as well as the third, idea wise

  • urbanhumility On Wednesday, October 27, 2010, urbanhumility (1175)By person wrote:

    well in the care of innocence, spoken well

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