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My thoughts are stars
I cannot fathom into constellations.

--John Green

-even the strong-
fall weak to caged thoughts.

--Tattoo Goddess

Maybe the movies will maneuver my mind
and manifest melodies.
Maybe the moon will motivate my messages.
Maybe amid the cranial chaos I need
to be that selfish fucking dreamer.


Do you ever wonder if the stars
shine out for you?

-Ed Sheeran

"I can't say the words out loud.
So in a rhyme I wrote you down."



Cyber Sister to Jeana, of course.

"Kisses that sparkle in blissful
content amongst the heavens to a
vixen who begs for more."

A haiku the tattooed goddess wrote for me.

From Golden One, my sister in verse.

"a starling hangs gentle above a willful wild
chasms of galaxies
heir to universes
spring's sweet kiss lay chaste on the morn'

a dawn gives way on the ever-spreading sky
so that she might shine
ever-bright and pale
a light for those who remain in dark places"


*tragic librarian*
A.K.A. RandiB Minj
by Tim/Honey.

Star's Works

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Poetry (Love)2014-01-19Valentines love lust and heart shaped whispers. ~ft. Nett~
Graphic Art (Fantasy)2014-01-15ballerina girl.
Poetry 2014-01-07crystal.
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Poetry 2013-12-31*happy new year*
Poetry 2013-12-19bullies. (poetry slam.) written by ~ashley elizabeth~
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Poetry (Depressed)2013-11-11insert beautiful title here.
Poetry 2013-11-01changed.
Poetry 2013-10-23sugar and spice. ~feat. Tattoo Goddess~
Poetry 2013-10-19wrath.. of her touch.. ~feat. Devilish~
Poetry 2013-09-20scribble scrabble.
Poetry 2013-09-14walk.
Poetry 2013-08-23alien.
Poetry 2013-08-19mermaid.
Poetry 2013-08-10comet.
Poetry (Rage)2013-06-17murder.
Graphic Art 2013-05-28napkin cherry blossom.
Poetry 2013-05-24shed tear.
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Graphic Art 2013-05-09bridesmaids and the bride.
Poetry (Haiku)2013-05-05smack.
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Poetry 2013-04-23cement memories.
Graphic Art (Tribute)2013-04-18the knight and the dragon.
Graphic Art (Love)2013-04-13bridal hill.
Poetry 2013-04-11Legendary ft Morgaine
Poetry 2013-03-09Orchestras Music.
Poetry (Depressed)2013-03-03frozen fire.
Poetry (Fiction)2013-03-01book reading happiness.
Poetry (Love)2013-02-13you :)
Poetry 2013-01-31play you a song.
Poetry (Personal)2013-01-11Burned Letter
Poetry (Tribute)2012-12-24Letter to the Hatter, feat ~Robyn, Jack, Alchemist, and Symbol~
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Graphic Art (Tribute)2012-09-16A Woman I Call A Friend
Poetry 0000-00-00a reminder note to myself.
Poetry 0000-00-00he breathed his passion.
Poetry 0000-00-00my lips were cracked.
Poetry 0000-00-00moon child.
Poetry 0000-00-00messy.
Poetry 0000-00-00feel the rainbow.
Poetry 0000-00-00sticky.
Graphic Art 0000-00-00under a thousand stars.
Graphic Art 0000-00-00flint and steel created a spark.
Graphic Art 0000-00-00mermaids in the sky.
Graphic Art 0000-00-00night at the Savannah.
Graphic Art 0000-00-00snow blanketed skyline.
Journal (Tribute)0000-00-00riverside snow white
Graphic Art 0000-00-00star's backyard ~pt II~
Poetry 0000-00-00written under her light.
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