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Who am I? I am nothing,
No name in a world full of labels.
For what is a name but another hard chain,
That now holds us back from becoming?

My name says everything and nothing at all.
Melancholy man on the hill.
With hourglass eyes, I see life as it dies,
The Beauty of Suffering within.

Weep not for my sorrow, for within it lies strength,
The power of pen and of paper.

These works seek to challenge expected molds, breaking forth worlds unto themselves.


Melankolia's Works

Poetry 2014-02-21The Sun-Dappled Path
Poetry 2014-02-21Nothing As It Seems
Poetry 2014-02-21For You, Wherever You May Be...
Poetry 2014-02-21Stand Still Inside
Poetry 2014-02-21Orpheus Down
Poetry (Tribute)2014-02-21Luciferian
Poetry 2014-02-22Walk of Mind (or, the Lyrics That Never Were)
Poetry (Personal)2014-02-22Hello (An Introduction)
Poetry (Depressed)2014-02-22Dying In My Dreams
Poetry (Personal)2014-02-22The Burning Citadel on the Shores of Insanity
Poetry (Philosophical)2014-02-22In Dark Kingdoms
Poetry (Tribute)2014-02-22Tearing the Veil from Grace
Poetry (Depressed)2014-02-23No More Pain
Poetry (Reflective)2014-02-24The Murmur
Poetry (Reflective)2014-02-25The Door of Hours
Poetry (Satire)2014-02-26Lazy Eye Susan
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