Tearing the Veil from Grace

By Melankolia

Looking up from storm-born shore,
Where pillars of grey mock the fiery sky
He reaches forth, his hand shudders
Scabbed and restless, his skin pulls taut.

Clasping rough rock and barnacle stone
Burnt eyes slide the length of light.
Catching visions of heaven burning
Ashes all around

His wings removed,
Two stumps remain.
Bloody, pathetic things now sit,
Where once his power stood

Shorn away by breath of god,
His fight dissolved by same.
Like Icarus too close the Sun,
His flight to be no more.

Rent from firmament brow
Stratosphere home destroyed
Cast down among rock and ruin
Crushed and broken below.

They had been once as wandering stars
Celestial lords and barons.
Clamoring the overthrow of god
In his walled and turquoise heaven

One third against two,
Spitting fire as they went
The beings as beasts before the slaughter
As he laughed upon his throne.

Michael held advantage
Host of archangels fierce
Countenance burned against the lower third
In a clash of wings and wind.

Lucifer, gleaming son of Light
Raised his spear in power.
His host charged the shimmering gates
To split third Heav'n asunder.

At once a blast, the word of god
Rained down as ashen brimstone
The host of lower third
Felt life fade to nothing.

Down they fell, lightning to earth
Craters upon a bruised planet
To weave their will over the hearts of Man
One day to fight again.

Lucifer pulled himself to
His face scarred and set
He would have the last laugh
Of this he was certain.

For no man is a god
No one holds monopoly
He would tear the veil from this grace
That requires blood for salvation.

Do as you will
Would be his cadence firm
Leading the world of Men
Inexorably back to the Light.


Unauthorized Copying Is Prohibited. Ask the author first.
Copyright 2014 Melankolia
Published on Saturday, February 22, 2014.     Filed under: "Tribute" and "Poetry"

Author's Note:

Detailing Lucifer's Fall
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