Malice In Wonderland


Ashe(s) of what could have been.

a set of haiku for kylee:

rain in the willows
your eyes like stormy heaven
i kissed your tears once

it was a cold night
our cheeks were pink with winter
and i hold you still

in my deepest heart
i touch flowers to your smile
and bring you rainbows

xo june

'My smiles an open wound without you...'

'She put that bottle to her head,
and pulled the trigger'

hypothetically speaking, if there was a tragic outlaw librarian cabal, allegedly I would be part of it, per Tim :)

Malice In Wonderland's Works

Graphic Art 2016-12-25Hollow.
Poetry 2016-12-24Distance
Graphic Art 2016-12-20Shelter.
Graphic Art 2016-12-17Morthal
Graphic Art 0000-00-00Hide and Seek
Poetry 0000-00-00B201606673
Poetry 0000-00-00Sonnets in Blood. (I suck at I Love Yous.)
Poetry 2016-11-28Playing grown ups.
Poetry 0000-00-00Tracy
Poetry 2016-11-14Still Life.
Poetry 2016-11-12Giant vs. Fae: a tragedy.
Poetry 2015-03-04Voodoo Baby (conduit)
Poetry 2015-02-05ask the owl, he saw everything.
Poetry 2015-01-27Foxhole.
Poetry 2015-01-25'some men...just can't be reached....'
Poetry 2015-01-10take twice per day, as directed.
Graphic Art 2015-01-01Playground for the Dead.
Poetry 2014-12-21architechture.
Poetry 2014-12-17Matrimony in Death
Graphic Art 2014-12-13Traveling Astoria.
Poetry 2014-10-21Artist vs. Martyr
Poetry 2014-09-30Indigo.
Poetry 2014-06-28Modus Operandi with Lydia Jade
Poetry 2014-06-03Lighthouses.
Poetry 2014-05-30The Skeleton Key.
Poetry 2014-05-19a Fight to the Death: Velociraptor Vs. Zippy, the Rabid Gerbil.
Graphic Art 2014-05-09more mothers day awesomeness :D
Graphic Art 2014-05-08mothers day gift :D
Poetry 2014-05-07Phantoms in the Night
Poetry 2014-05-01The Yellow Brick Road.
Poetry 2014-05-01Running the Train on the Blue Eyed Soul Singer (with 'Tym')
Poetry 2014-04-26Playing Arrhythmias on a Violin.
Poetry 2014-03-29Sirens Take Bloodbaths
Poetry 2014-03-27Hera's song
Poetry 2014-02-23Nightside Rapture ( feat. the awesome Melankolia)
Poetry 2014-02-21can you make that cocktail with arsenic, please?
Poetry (Tribute)2014-02-01Japanese Sunrise
Poetry 2014-01-30Seeing Leaves
Poetry 2014-01-28moon music.
Poetry 2014-01-27the Spaces Between Breathing
Poetry 2014-01-26Do Not Rescusitate
Poetry (Personal)2014-01-25Love Letters to a Decaying Orbit
Graphic Art 2014-01-11What Used To Be.
Graphic Art 2013-12-22Freeform
Graphic Art 2013-11-29Autumn
Graphic Art 2013-08-17Violent Violet
Graphic Art 2013-08-01....cue banjo music here:p
Graphic Art 2013-04-15tangled
Graphic Art 2013-02-25Waves at Dusk
Graphic Art 2013-02-11two houses
Graphic Art 2013-02-10through glass
Graphic Art 2013-02-02silver beach at dusk
Poetry (Love)2014-01-14China White
Poetry 2014-01-06Love and Flapjacks (for Chelesea)
Poetry 2013-12-21Polaris (Lullabye for the Weary)
Poetry 2013-12-07Russian Roulette
Poetry 2013-12-02A Feast for Wolves in the City of Angels (by Poetic-Realm)
Poetry 2013-11-29EgotisMagick ( a work by the Amazing Poetic-Realm)
Poetry 2013-11-02Marshall Law
Poetry 2013-09-12Burka
Poetry 2013-09-11Vacancy
Poetry 2013-09-09Talisman
Poetry 2013-09-05vintage
Poetry (Tribute)2013-08-30Unfurling
Poetry 2013-08-23He speaks in puzzles.
Poetry (Rage)2013-08-18dirt.
Poetry 2013-08-14Cicada.
Poetry 2013-08-08Overdose.
Poetry (Tribute)2013-08-07birds of a feather flock to bacon (an ode)
Poetry 2013-07-27ragged sirens
Poetry 2013-07-18Posession in Blue
Poetry 2013-07-07hourglass.
Poetry 2013-07-06TLO Volume I (with Nae and Tim)
Poetry 2013-06-24mirage
Poetry 2013-06-16soulmates
Poetry 2013-06-15the lone fisherman
Poetry (Personal)2013-05-26....Take care.
Poetry 2013-05-18Requiem (Serenading Broken Celestials)
Poetry 2013-05-14DaVinci Lied.
Poetry 2013-05-12Moving Targets
Poetry 2013-05-07Sheep in Wolves Clothing (featuring the beautiful Dramamine)
Poetry (Love)2013-04-13coronary.
Poetry (Tribute)2013-03-30Tongue Tied
Poetry (Philosophical)2013-03-19Anti-climatic Hamster Wheel of Doom
Poetry 2013-03-14Life.Support/
Poetry (Ironic)2013-03-10Eulogy
Poetry (Personal)2013-02-23bleeding seraphims
Poetry (Depressed)2013-02-22K.O.
Poetry (Personal)2013-02-20The Lotus Empty (repost)
Poetry (Reflective)2013-02-14diva in a bottle
Poetry 2013-01-17K{r}ept (a work by the lovely Ravenblade)
Poetry (Tribute)2012-12-27someone asked me what I thought of you, once
Poetry 2012-12-03Comm.union. (with the lovely Start Over )
Poetry (Tribute)2012-11-26an ode-to the potted fern
Poetry 2012-11-05Fireflies (with Jordyray)
Poetry (Tribute)2012-10-28Astral Projection
Poetry (Ironic)2012-10-11Downfall
Poetry (Depressed)2012-10-01Curbstomp.
Poetry (Personal)2012-09-10Epic Fail
Poetry (Personal)2012-09-02Friendships like Daisies
Poetry 2012-08-22Vaseline and scissors feat. Amaryllis
Poetry (Love)2012-08-03Tell Me You Love Me
Poetry (Personal)2012-07-07Swallowing Occam's Razor
Poetry (Love)2012-05-09The Blind Artist
Poetry 2012-05-07Mirrored.Celestial (feat. Iwas)
Poetry (Reflective)2011-07-22Breakdown...(helpless in quicksand)
Poetry (Personal)2011-07-03...Until You Can't Anymore...
Poetry (Personal)2011-06-06Junkyard Sculptures
Poetry (Personal)2011-04-17The Widows Lament
Poetry 2011-04-12Detonation (With King_Crazy_Dave)
Poetry (Reflective)2011-03-23'what's on your mind?'....'nothing, just thinking, is all....'
Poetry 2011-02-25On Echoed Whispers (with the lovely HumanityImpaled)
Poetry (Ironic)2006-01-02[never/always/forever/still]
Poetry (Personal)2005-04-19Those Days You Swung So Hard...A Post for Angelvoice
Poetry (Reflective)2004-08-02Rainy Day Memories
Poetry (Reflective)2004-06-26of Mood Rings and a Childhood Memory (Lost)
Poetry (Depressed)2004-05-26Remember the rain...
Poetry (Tribute)0000-00-00Dreamcatcher
Poetry (Personal)0000-00-00Bloom.
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