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ashes to ashes
dust to dust
if silence is golden
do our words just rust

just dont worry about
looking dumb
I do it all the time
its actually pretty fun...

quote from...
what I've wanted to say
by far

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Poetry 2012-12-22333
Poetry 2012-12-22a public announcement
Poetry 2011-06-17synchronized slumber
Poetry 2011-05-27captivated by the cross-hairs of captivity
Poetry 2005-12-01frag/ments (w/the brilliant bakkhus unbound)
Poetry 2005-01-26specks of blue (w/the starbound Solace)
Poetry 2005-01-20Empty knights (mirror inside me)
Poetry 2005-01-11Sweet Deal (w/the unbelieveable Urban Shipwreck)
Poetry 2005-01-08 Bronze Cavern Realizations (with Urban Shipwreck)
Poetry 2004-12-22sinfully in love
Poetry 2004-12-15Blossom (w/the superb sinfully_decadent)
Poetry 2004-12-14[silver choke hazzard] (w/DoctorAsh)
Poetry 2004-12-07The Sins of Humanity Drown in Her Ocean (w/suicideseason)
Poetry 2004-12-04running
Poetry 2004-11-24appetite of angels (w/the talented sinfully_decadent)
Poetry 2004-11-22where are my enemies now? (w/the sensational Solace)
Poetry 2004-11-14dreamsurreal escape (feat. Life is Beautiful)
Poetry 2004-11-07Static Pattern (Feat. the beauty of Lynaes)
Poetry 2004-11-01A Song Sung In The Season Of Love (for elisa2)
Poetry 2004-10-15NOITARTLIFNI (feat. the brilliant Cognitive Dissonance)
Poetry 2004-10-13my disabled petting zoo
Poetry 2004-10-02appreciate
Poetry 2004-09-28Ethereal Waves (w/the immaculate NikesPleasure)
Poetry 2004-09-27i'm a ______ too
Poetry 2004-09-27torn plastic mache smile
Poetry 2004-09-22i can't forgive myself
Poetry 2004-09-20dreaming of a better life
Poetry 2004-09-20cloudy lamposts on silver lined streets
Poetry 2004-09-16Sponge of Sensations (w/ the phenomenal NikesPleasure)
Poetry 2004-09-09levels of perception (you know???)
Poetry 2004-09-05i am an open book (read me)
Poetry 2004-09-02Inside the Enemies Hands (repost)
Poetry 2004-09-02Feel Me???
Poetry 2004-07-25down
Poetry 2004-07-25forever in eternity (feat.the exquisite glasshouse)
Poetry 2004-05-12insanity's parasite
Poetry 2004-05-07The Song She Sings//Memory Of Us (with Lynaes)
Poetry 2004-05-03Glimmer (with Lynaes)
Poetry 2004-05-01Raking Rain
Poetry 2004-04-30Out Of Control(with special guest Braindead_Poet)
Poetry 2004-04-29Withering
Poetry 2004-04-27Two-Way Mirror(featuring anth)
Poetry 2004-04-257 Words Save Me
Poetry 2004-04-23Halo's Roots
Poetry 2004-04-22Trip
Poetry 2004-04-11Conception(With Dancing_Monkey)
Poetry 2004-04-11Be Happy 2-Day
Poetry 2004-03-09The Grave of My World(with special guest:suicideseason)
Poetry 2004-03-09Harvesting Hurt From a Heavy Heart
Poetry 2004-03-03evaporated shards
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