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Tears of sadness flood the home
Where devil's minions
And demons roam
She often says she wishes to be free
But cannot get herself to flee
They hold her down
And keep her back
In the darkness
Pitch black

suicidalsecrecy's Works

Poetry (Reflective)2005-10-20Idle Hands
Poetry (Depressed)2005-10-20Dead Man's Float
Poetry (Rage)2005-10-20Only The Scars Remain
Poetry (Depressed)2005-10-20Untitled
Poetry (Depressed)2005-10-20Inside Looking Out
Poetry (Rage)2005-10-23The Breakup
Poetry (Reflective)2005-10-23Mirror, Mirror
Poetry (Depressed)2005-10-24Wound
Poetry (Depressed)2005-10-25Death Of Me
Poetry (Depressed)2005-11-02SCARS
Poetry (Depressed)2005-11-10Prayer For Peace
Poetry (Reflective)2005-11-10Agony
Poetry (Depressed)2005-11-10My Own
Poetry (Reflective)2005-11-10Other Side
Poetry (Depressed)2005-11-11Escape
Poetry (Reflective)2005-11-11Let The Devil Take You Down
Poetry (Personal)2005-11-11Medication Rain
Poetry (Personal)2005-11-12Carried Away
Poetry (Personal)2005-11-12My Sweet Prince
Poetry (Personal)2005-11-159 Lives
Poetry (Personal)2005-11-15Hide Away
Poetry (Rage)2005-11-29Fallen
Poetry (Personal)2005-11-29Live or Let Die?
Poetry (Personal)2011-05-12Empty Crevice Where My Heart Once Was
Poetry 2011-05-16Bound
Poetry 2011-05-17Hello
Poetry 2011-05-17Helter Skelter Ride (feat. ersatzevangelist)
Poetry (Abuse)2011-05-19It Was Just A Lovers Quarrel
Poetry (Personal)2011-05-19The New Girl
Poetry 2011-05-20Suicides Don't Go To Heaven ONE
Poetry 2011-05-21Suicides Don't Go To Heaven TWO
Poetry 2011-05-23Alice Should Have Warned Me
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