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If you read one of my works. please comment with your honest opinion.

Frater Synth's Works

Poetry 2011-10-27Path to self-destruction
Poetry 2011-09-29Denial (With Legions Slave)
Poetry 2011-09-06Sinners Creed
Other 2011-09-06Death in E minor (reflections on brainwave entrainment)
Poetry 2011-08-26Serenity of Destruction
Poetry 2010-10-26Untitled
Poetry 2010-10-26Left Behind
Poetry 2010-10-24Thank you for Installing FEAR
Poetry 2010-10-24The Shadowz of Syn
Poetry 2010-10-24Karmic Logic
Poetry 2010-10-24Alter-sition
Poetry 2010-10-23Starry sky
Poetry 2010-10-23Return to Sender
Poetry 2010-10-23Immortal 2
Poetry 2010-10-23Distant Love
Poetry 2010-10-23Fire
Poetry 2010-10-23Body Litter
Poetry 2007-08-20Conflict
Graphic Art 2010-10-14Alamo
Poetry 2010-10-13This is War
Poetry 2010-10-13Awaken History
Poetry 2008-09-30My Rebirth
Poetry 2008-09-29Flames of Goodbye
Poetry 2008-09-29Immortal
Poetry 2007-05-08untitled
Poetry 2006-12-30The Rose
Poetry 2006-12-30The Psychoitc Psycho Construct
Poetry 2006-12-30What if...
Poetry 2006-10-04who the fuck gives a shit what its call bitch it don't need a...
Poetry 2006-08-06Open your eyes to the light
Other 2006-06-12Ex Deo Nascimur. In Jesu Morimur. Per spiritus Sanctus Revivisci
Poetry 2006-04-16A Lovers Embrace
Poetry 2005-11-04how i feel now
Poetry 2005-11-04How can I tell you what I feel for you?
Poetry 2005-10-18The Reeper
Poetry 2005-10-24Gone Forever
Poetry 2005-10-24My life of pain.
Poetry 2005-10-24Vampiera
Poetry 2005-10-20grass stains
Poetry 2005-10-14Losing Faith
Poetry 2005-10-14Stolen Emotion
Poetry 2005-10-24shadows of the end
Poetry 2006-04-06The Bornless One
Poetry 2005-10-14death by love
Poetry 2005-11-04my final good bye
Poetry 2006-04-06Material possession
Poetry 2005-10-14Alone in Darkness
Poetry 2005-10-14Deaths Depart
Poetry 2005-10-14Remembrance of My Death
Poetry 2005-10-18The Torment of Her Love
Poetry 2005-11-11I don't know how we get into these fights
Poetry 2005-10-24You're the demon risen from hell
Poetry 2005-10-24Razorblade Kisses
Poetry 2005-10-24The Truth of Pain and Joy
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