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If you read one of my works. please comment with your honest opinion. It's the only way I will get any better :)

If you want pretty love sonnets or cutesy haikus, You may wanna check out spikedwithLUST . Deep in the dark side of poetry, this collection is for those who embrace the bad with the good. Poems wrought from the raw emotions From the dark side to you where ever you may lie. Deep within these pages you will find heart-wrenching emotion beautifully disguised in words that skillfully paint dark scenes of unruly love and brooding hate. I am Frater Synth. But You may call me Syn.

Skin by SilentStalker

Frater Synth's Works

Poetry 2011-10-27Path to self-destruction
Poetry 2011-09-29Denial (With Legions Slave)
Poetry 2011-09-06Sinners Creed
Other 2011-09-06Death in E minor (reflections on brainwave entrainment)
Poetry 2011-08-26Serenity of Destruction
Poetry 2010-10-26Untitled
Poetry 2010-10-26Left Behind
Poetry 2010-10-24Thank you for Installing FEAR
Poetry 2010-10-24The Shadowz of Syn
Poetry 2010-10-24Karmic Logic
Poetry 2010-10-24Alter-sition
Poetry 2010-10-23Starry sky
Poetry 2010-10-23Return to Sender
Poetry 2010-10-23Immortal 2
Poetry 2010-10-23Distant Love
Poetry 2010-10-23Fire
Poetry 2010-10-23Body Litter
Poetry 2007-08-20Conflict
Graphic Art 2010-10-14Alamo
Poetry 2010-10-13This is War
Poetry 2010-10-13Awaken History
Poetry 2008-09-30My Rebirth
Poetry 2008-09-29Flames of Goodbye
Poetry 2008-09-29Immortal
Poetry 2007-05-08untitled
Poetry 2006-12-30The Rose
Poetry 2006-12-30The Psychoitc Psycho Construct
Poetry 2006-12-30What if...
Poetry 2006-10-04who the fuck gives a shit what its call bitch it don't need a...
Poetry 2006-08-06Open your eyes to the light
Other 2006-06-12Ex Deo Nascimur. In Jesu Morimur. Per spiritus Sanctus Revivisci
Poetry 2006-04-16A Lovers Embrace
Poetry 2005-11-04how i feel now
Poetry 2005-11-04How can I tell you what I feel for you?
Poetry 2005-10-18The Reeper
Poetry 2005-10-24Gone Forever
Poetry 2005-10-24My life of pain.
Poetry 2005-10-24Vampiera
Poetry 2005-10-20grass stains
Poetry 2005-10-14Losing Faith
Poetry 2005-10-14Stolen Emotion
Poetry 2005-10-24shadows of the end
Poetry 2006-04-06The Bornless One
Poetry 2005-10-14death by love
Poetry 2005-11-04my final good bye
Poetry 2006-04-06Material possession
Poetry 2005-10-14Alone in Darkness
Poetry 2005-10-14Deaths Depart
Poetry 2005-10-14Remembrance of My Death
Poetry 2005-10-18The Torment of Her Love
Poetry 2005-11-11I don't know how we get into these fights
Poetry 2005-10-24You're the demon risen from hell
Poetry 2005-10-24Razorblade Kisses
Poetry 2005-10-24The Truth of Pain and Joy
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