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Poetry 2012-08-21.combustion.
Poetry 2012-08-17heart.cage capacity.
Poetry 2012-08-14of dreams and things.
Poetry 2012-07-16[tabs]
Poetry 2011-10-24what would jesus [not] do?
Poetry (Erotica)2011-10-24[heat] an experiment in the art of love.fucking
Poetry 2011-03-23she spoke silver
Poetry 2011-03-03three.sheets
Poetry 2010-09-30battle scars.
Poetry 2010-07-09dealer of the unwanted.
Poetry 2010-05-18Coal Walker.
Poetry 2010-02-05of photographs and static-filled skies.
Poetry 2010-02-02conflicted.
Poetry 2010-01-29waves.
Poetry 2010-01-26waking.
Poetry 2010-01-16feeling.
Poetry 2009-12-16habitual.
Poetry 2009-10-20when lips taste like ashes.
Poetry 2009-10-09she spoke silence.
Poetry 2009-08-17div.ision
Poetry 2009-07-01with black on gray
Poetry 2009-06-02there are worse things than being alone.
Poetry 2009-05-23neoprene.
Poetry 2009-05-16when ten is twelve.
Poetry 2008-10-01until you can't anymore.
Poetry 2008-07-01secrets[&]stories
Poetry 2008-05-23old oceans
Poetry 2008-05-06wishful drinking.
Poetry 2008-04-11monet would vomit.
Poetry 2008-03-19she spoke diamond
Poetry 2008-03-14shutter.steps
Poetry 2008-03-08it's been a hell of a rodeo
Poetry 2008-02-29and the roses were polaroid
Poetry 2008-01-22voices like hand grenades.
Poetry 2008-01-07smoking poetry paper like cheap cigars.
Poetry 2008-01-01something like glass hammers.
Poetry 2007-12-26hide and sink. [like glass splinters]
Poetry 2007-11-29key.note speakers [on mute]
Poetry 2007-11-25drops.
Poetry 2007-10-29wake up, dreamer.
Poetry 2007-10-27city.park [at sundown]
Poetry 2007-10-14[ink&powder]
Poetry 2007-09-25it's all in the way [she spits heartache]
Poetry 2007-07-25letters from lightswitches [a beach.born existance]
Poetry 2007-06-27she spoke pearl
Poetry 2007-06-09mister business suit [I'm more rich than you]
Graphic Art 2007-06-08Sage Francis and I
Poetry 2007-04-10she spoke sapphire
Poetry 2007-03-22of gods [i digress]
Poetry 2007-03-06every line [goodbye&goodnight]
Poetry 2007-03-02roses are red [and I'm more blue than the violet]
Poetry 2007-02-24she spoke emerald
Poetry (Personal)2007-02-09abuelo [tatuajes y memorias]
Poetry 2007-01-29spraypaint.serenade [we're strung and in love]
Poetry 2007-01-21upon a cross of dreams [with a crown of metaphors]
Poetry 2007-01-07she spoke obsidian
Poetry 2007-01-02as hammers sleep [blunt force trauma to the heart]
Poetry 2006-12-24a soundtrack to the home of forgotten dreams.
Poetry 2006-11-20railroads and coastlines
Poetry 2006-11-18crumbling.saints [twenty two and ten]
Poetry 2006-10-30shooting stars with whispered arrows [one thing]
Poetry 2006-10-07superhero [capes.and.captivation]
Poetry 2006-10-01she spoke sepia.
Poetry 2006-09-16bathroom.stall [graffiti]
Poetry 2006-09-10hopelessly.poetic.
Graphic Art 2006-09-06bleeding ink.
Poetry 2006-07-18when dreams are forgotten [ink and heartache]
Other 2006-07-10Chicago: The Ugly Truth
Graphic Art 2006-07-01my body is my canvas
Poetry 2006-06-28she spoke tangerine.
Poetry (Philosophical)2006-06-16oil to flame [and star studded ashes]
Poetry 2006-05-25speakershine. [ten years too late]
Poetry (Personal)2006-05-13tip.toe- a supernova. [mirror.d masterpieces]
Poetry 2006-05-09beautiful monsters [of elegant kisses]
Graphic Art 2006-05-01ink.fiend
Poetry (Philosophical)2006-04-14myths need mystery [we're all liars]
Poetry (Philosophical)2006-03-25.clocks-and-mirrors.
Poetry 2006-02-03blink-breathe-repeat
Poetry (Personal)2006-01-31lost in lucidity -
Poetry (Philosophical)2006-01-18I'll kiss you [if you bite my tongue when I talk like this]
Poetry 2005-12-19bang [you're dead]
Poetry 2005-11-07toast [to never] whenever that may be
Poetry (Personal)2005-11-06verse two. [wordless]
Poetry (Personal)2005-11-06verse one. [breathing dreamscapes]
Poetry (Personal)2005-10-28album leaf. [rhapsody]
Poetry (Personal)2005-09-16real men admit to their tears.
Poetry (Erotica)2005-09-161. [gasping smiles]
Poetry (Philosophical)2005-09-11she spoke sanguine.
Poetry (Personal)2005-09-05frayed edges [looking for a lighter]
Poetry (Reflective)2005-08-22lines and letters
Poetry (Personal)2005-08-14aged paper [and broken glass]
Poetry (Personal)2005-08-10cupid wears a yellow jacket
Poetry (Ironic)2005-08-09limelights.and.diamond.knives
Poetry (Beat)2005-07-24x'd out eyes. [we're drawn so badly]
Poetry (Adult)2005-07-19[empty words] you break my heart.
Poetry (Reflective)2005-06-24left-over relics of love and pain.
Poetry 2005-06-07[falling] .my voice has faltered
Poetry (Abuse)2005-05-21azariel- [larmes de ciel]
Poetry 2005-05-15This Is Not America
Poetry 2005-05-11[beautiful.belligerence] the art of .internal. war
Poetry 2005-05-04[bane]
Rant (Comedy)2005-04-25The Guide to Being a DarkPoetry Member [pt 1]
Poetry 2005-04-22[starlight.sonnet]
Poetry 2005-04-18[rainbows].and.[butterflies]
Rant 2005-04-13logical-apathy. [my hands are sore]
Poetry (Reflective)2005-04-10pick-sul.ated [persuasion]
Rant 2005-03-22empty ships. [lost hope in a halo]
Poetry 2005-03-15[mixed.drink] melodies
Poetry (Tribute)2005-03-05-sympathetic
Poetry (Reflective) [rip me gently]
Rant 2005-02-19Worth
Poetry (Ironic)2005-02-15matchstick muse... [one thousand pieces]
Poetry (Rage)2005-02-12.restitution. -divinity defined
Poetry 2005-01-29I am your dreams:
Poetry (Reflective)2005-01-28rain- [a painted cascade]
Poetry (Reflective)2005-01-14riverside reveries. -a lucid goodbye
Poetry 2005-01-10[crash&burn]
Poetry 2004-12-12ten thousand miles from home
Poetry (Love)2004-12-08fourty-two ashes
Poetry (Love)2004-12-06Circle Yes or No
Poetry 2004-12-01[living is cliche]
Poetry (Ironic)2004-11-30poetry.
Poetry (Ironic)2004-11-28David & Goliath
Poetry (Reflective)2004-11-25[life]
Poetry 2004-11-23god's kiss/ a passion of the past
Poetry 2004-11-16travel the disaster [there's always tomorrow]
Poetry (Depressed)2004-11-13a silent symphony in C major
Poetry 2004-11-08acrid
Poetry (Ironic)2004-11-06murder lead with ink
Poetry 2004-10-26dreamscaped -sighs [whisper me away]
Poetry (Depressed)2004-10-22broken bottles and starless skies
Poetry (Reflective)2004-10-17acapella lullabies [singing to the stars]
Other 2004-10-11torn pages of persuasion [longing for the cure]
Poetry (Rage)2004-10-03-tears. of_ lead
Poetry (Erotica)2004-10-02Fucking on Film
Poetry 2004-09-27nicotine stains and lipstick.d linguistics
Poetry 2004-09-24Pier Glass
Poetry 2004-09-19Once Upon a Sometime
Poetry 2004-09-10Cotton
Poetry (Ironic)2004-09-09Forgotten No One
Poetry (Depressed)2004-09-05Livid Instancies
Other 2004-08-30My Theory on the Girlie
Poetry 2004-08-25I am the [myth]
Poetry (Reflective)2004-08-19Evolution Theory [1-5]
Poetry 2004-07-22To The Nightingale
Rant (Comedy)2004-07-18My Suicide Rant (revised)
Poetry (Adult)2004-06-14Glass Dolls
Other 2004-05-16All Apologies (Look Mom, I'm Dead)
Poetry 2004-05-10Aspyxiation (battle for the truth)
Poetry (Erotica)2004-04-15A Night of Crystal Passion...
Poetry (Tribute)2003-12-18Nevermind
Rant (Political)2003-12-09Why I Hate People
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