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"Writing helps me cope.. It's the funnel for my darkness, It defies the tyranny of terrible gravity. It gives me reason to light the loneliness. ::me:: forever alone, trying to connect through words to that distant island in the vacant sea - writing is my redemmer - my assassin, my willing slave and master, It is the only "god" I have ever known"

Deadly Embrace's Works

Poetry (Personal)2004-06-16No One Understands
Poetry (Depressed)2004-06-19I Cry..
Poetry (Personal)2004-06-27For A Lost Love
Poetry (Love)2004-06-27I Love You(I Hate You)
Poetry (Depressed)2004-07-10A Razor's Kiss
Poetry (Reflective)2004-07-21My Reflection
Poetry (Depressed)2004-08-01My Confession
Poetry (Personal)2004-09-03Solitude
Poetry (Rage)2004-09-07Meaningless Vengance (Volume 1)
Poetry (Depressed)2004-09-11Meaningless Vengance (Volume 2)
Poetry (Love)2004-09-27The Beauty Of Bliss..
Poetry (Reflective)2004-10-08Regretful Mistakes
Poetry (Tribute)2004-11-28All That Could Have Been..
Poetry (Personal)2004-11-28Redefined Beauty
Poetry (Love)2004-12-09Within Your Eyes
Poetry (Depressed)2005-01-10On This Night.. [Oblivious]
Poetry (Love)2005-02-03Only In Death...
Poetry (Reflective)2005-03-07The Inevitable Question...
Poetry (Love)2005-04-05Tears Of Tragedy
Poetry (Depressed)2005-07-10Letting Go?
Poetry (Love)2005-07-25It is but a [dream]
Poetry (Love)2005-08-15Seconds To Heartbreak
Poetry (Personal)2005-10-07Beauty is... [ephemeral]
Poetry (Depressed)2005-12-17A Million Tears Falling..
Poetry (Love)2006-08-08A Moment Of Clarity...
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