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I am very open minded stubbornly set in my ways. I am what society defines as a low class convicted felon who is going nowhere in life. Even my family seems to believe this misconception. I have made more mistakes in my 18 years than I will even bother trying to account for. I take responsibilty for my mistakes, but I do not let them define me as a failure. On september 11th, 2008 I spent 24 hours bringing my daughter in to this world. Her name is Adara Star and she is the reason I get up in the morning. Life is what you make of it, and I have let go of almost all of the things I thought made me who I was. My poems reflect my life expereinces, and they arnt the best but their mine.

Beautiful Scars's Works

Poetry (Love)2009-05-04She's gone......
Poetry (Reflective)2009-05-04Adara Star
Poetry 2009-05-03Just Look
Poetry (Personal)2005-10-21She didnt have to die
Poetry (Rage)2005-08-01Untitled
Poetry 2005-07-25Better Off Alone
Poetry 2005-06-16To Look And Never Touch
Poetry (Love)2005-03-20Where my heart belongs
Poetry 2005-02-07Thirteen
Poetry (Love)2005-02-07All I Ever Wanted
Short Story 2004-10-28Untitled
Poetry 2004-10-11Untitled
Poetry (Rage)2004-07-22Untitled
Poetry 2004-06-05silent eyes
Poetry (Depressed)2004-05-24These things I dare not speak
Poetry 2004-05-24His no longer
Poetry 2004-04-29Forever waiting
Poetry (Abuse)2004-04-24Lost Innocence
Poetry 2004-04-03Shadows
Poetry 2004-04-03Reflections
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