For A Lost Love

By Deadly Embrace

Note: This was written when I was 17 for my first love..

You let your heart go without knowing,
Of the direction in which it was going,
You never thought that it would lead,
To this place of emptiness accompanied by grief...
Pack away your feelings,
Since they don't have any meaning,
I was nothing to you,
But a soul left bleeding,
And all the faith you put in me is gone,
Somehow it just all went wrong...
It wasn't supposed to be like this,
It started with a blissful kiss,
And now I finally see,
To you, I hardly mean a thing...
Why did you tell me you loved me?
Why did you tell me you cared?
Now my heart is shattered
Broken beyond repair...
But it's really not your fault,
I'd say it was mine,
I sensed I was headed for danger,
But they say that love is blind...
I'm living in deep misery,
My heart still calls your name,
I'll never let you know this,
For it brings my soul to shame...
Where do I turn to now?
All I knew and loved is gone,
Will I ever find my way back to the past,
Before it all went wrong?
Will I ever love like I loved you?
If so could you please tell me when?
You took my heart with you when you left,
So how can I love again?

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Copyright 2004 Deadly Embrace
Published on Sunday, June 27, 2004.     Filed under: "Personal" and "Poetry"
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Comments on "For A Lost Love"

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  • DarkWolf On Tuesday, November 2, 2004, DarkWolf (420)By person wrote:

    Your words are incredible.. this makes me think of the line "..for as long as I remember, life has been hard.. I guess they have 'Misery' written somewhere in my stars.." -Michael

  • Linwe On Saturday, July 31, 2004, Linwe (25)By person wrote:

    This work is great! I really recognise everything you write... It's been more than a year ago now since I broke up with my 1st boyfriend, but it still feels like he's the only one who can reach to my heart... and he won't give it back for now... Good job!

  • A former member wrote: steal it.

  • DarkNTormented On Sunday, June 27, 2004, DarkNTormented (13)By person wrote:

    *tears* very astonishing great work...§dark§

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