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"I stand here waiting.
To disappear or sing.

I will go to campus alone
dressed in antique silk slips and beat-up cowboy boots and
gypsy beads, and I will study poetry.
I will sit on the edge of the fountain
in the plaza and write."
- Francesca Lia Block

Rest In Peace, Maggie Estep, poet queen and
sex goddess of the western hemisphere.

Blood Saga's Works

Poetry (Reflective)2013-10-27Infinity
Lyrics (Fiction)2012-10-06"Darling, you can't live like this."
Poetry (Personal)2012-10-02Advice to Myself
Poetry (Spiritual)2012-06-02Light Rain Observations
Poetry (Fiction)2012-04-08The Devil & I
Poetry (Fiction)2011-12-17Vigil
Poetry (Philosophical)2011-10-23River
Poetry (Philosophical)2011-09-20(. . .)
Other (Fiction)2011-08-23One Ordinary Prison Night
Poetry 2011-08-09Laudations for Lunatics
Poetry (Tribute)2011-07-13This one's for You (a Tribute to DP)
Poetry (Love)2011-07-12Orion's Cigar
Poetry 2011-05-24On Angels & Architecture
Poetry 2011-05-24Blue Giant
Poetry (Philosophical)2010-12-06Time & her Needlework
Poetry (Philosophical)2009-10-17No place like Home...
Poetry (Reflective)2009-09-23Gray Lines
Poetry 2009-09-12Forbidden
Poetry 2009-09-02Something Else
Poetry 2009-08-08The Black Widow's Lament
Poetry 2009-07-31Words of Wisdom
Other (Comedy)2009-07-29A Day in this Fucked Up World of ours
Poetry (Reflective)2009-07-26Mermaid
Poetry 2009-07-26Tea Leaves
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