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I don't know that much about me,
but I have a working theory...

"Hunger is a better coach
than history is a teacher"

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Lyrics (Philosophical)2007-09-23Milk Carton Portrait
Lyrics (Philosophical)2007-09-23Finger Lick'in Truth
Lyrics (Reflective)2007-09-23Graffiti Prophet
Lyrics (Love)2007-09-24Romance Lost
Essay (Philosophical)2007-09-26Proof of God
Poetry (Spiritual)2007-09-28Poet Drown
Poetry (Reflective)2008-02-24Van Goghs Ear
Poetry (Spiritual)2008-02-24My Blue Jesus
Poetry (Spiritual)2011-02-14"Hard Crossing"
Poetry (Philosophical)2012-03-24“Infodrome”
Poetry (Philosophical)2012-05-19“Overfuture”
Poetry (Philosophical)2013-04-09“Dark Anthem“
Poetry (Philosophical)2013-10-15"Newmerica"
Poetry (Tribute)2014-01-08“Reader Writer“
Poetry (Spiritual)2014-02-10"Beyond"
Poetry (Tribute)2014-03-11“Shadow Poetry“
Poetry (Political)2014-05-30"Looking Down"
Poetry (Political)2014-05-30"Change"
Poetry (Philosophical)2014-07-11"Social Media"
Poetry 2020-09-08“Look Away”
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