Novelists aviate their wings
Poets dispose of them...

Winter Waits

Narcissa's Works

Poetry 2007-08-07Lady Rage
Poetry 2008-05-11Gutter Lily
Poetry 2008-06-08You should know...
Poetry 2008-06-25Razor Blade Skies with Aleas
Poetry 2008-08-03Flower Girl
Poetry 2008-10-12Paper White
Poetry 2008-10-16When Shadows Speak w/Moonie
Poetry 2008-11-25They Called Him A Poet
Poetry 2008-12-16What's Left
Poetry 2010-01-17Imprint
Poetry 2010-01-30I am...
Poetry (Personal)2010-02-19Like ghosts standing by
Poetry 2010-02-28The dragon.flies
Poetry 2010-03-27If wishes were trees...
Poetry 2010-04-03Waiting
Poetry 2010-06-08Wet Lilacs
Poetry 2010-07-20still. born
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