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Poetry (Love)2012-07-12Nocturnal Pleasure
Poetry (Love)2011-05-16Angel in my nightmares, devil in my dreams
Poetry 2011-02-07Silent overture, prelude to a temptress rising
Poetry 2011-01-23In the end
Poetry 2011-01-06A plague on words
Poetry 2011-01-02Adorning a blue sky, wishing the moon wore black
Poetry (Love)2010-11-25Angels Don't Kill
Poetry (Love)2010-11-04Perfect Imperfection
Poetry 2010-10-25Butterfly Song for a Mantis
Poetry (Love)2010-10-04Heart Shaped Canvas
Poetry (Love)2010-08-16Under a Lycan Moon
Poetry (Love)2010-06-25Petals on her neck
Poetry (Tribute)2010-01-26Sirens Lament (Tribute for Saintedmad)
Poetry (Love)2010-01-10Fireflies
Poetry (Love)2009-11-19PRIMAL
Poetry (Love)2009-09-26Midnight Orchids
Poetry 2009-05-22Midnight Garden
Poetry (Love)2009-02-14Surrendering to Angels
Poetry (Love)2009-02-11Sepia Dreaming
Poetry (Love)2008-12-09Poetic Birth
Poetry (Love)2008-11-29My bed without you
Poetry (Love)2008-11-07A piece of me for you
Poetry (Love)2008-10-04I‘ll be with you, when I’m gone
Poetry (Love)2008-09-30Yours Immortal
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