Corinthian's picture

of Aristoteli
I am a natural magician
and exorcist


no se oye ahora mis campanas 


retine vim istam, falsa enim dicam, si coges

Corinthian's Works

Graphic Art 2013-04-09ashes asleep
Poetry 2013-04-05haxan
Poetry 2013-03-31ill.
Graphic Art 2013-03-28snoriblur
Poetry 2013-03-24und nun .
Poetry 2013-03-19non compos mentis
Poetry 2012-11-30fraudulent asterisms
Graphic Art 2013-03-18cobalt
Graphic Art 1633-11-30I cross languages
Graphic Art 2013-03-18light and umbilical rope
Poetry 1897-07-01bells of jellyfish
Graphic Art 1865-06-07decayed and demonically intelligent
Poetry 1866-11-30 what is to give light must endure burning
Poetry 1804-08-02snob.
Poetry 1865-07-25Intelligentsia and glitterati,
Poetry 2012-07-30baby winks .
Poetry 2012-07-25Procuress Morriña
Poetry 1865-01-11hoarfrost .
Poetry 2012-07-18Suffer me not to be separated
Poetry 2012-07-17Nächtiges Elend
Graphic Art 2012-07-12maîtresse de sorts
Graphic Art 2012-07-09Der Traum
Poetry 2012-04-14blue nails.
Poetry 2012-04-13bones numbered for healing.
Poetry 2012-04-11shimmer.
Poetry 2012-04-09gloss.
Graphic Art 2012-04-05si linguis angelorum loquar
Poetry 2012-04-04& you will deny me three times .
Poetry 2012-04-02blue salt .
Poetry 2012-04-01Tenant les saintes
Poetry 2012-03-31Volo solum unum
Poetry 2012-03-29Lourdes
Poetry 1869-06-06you are the bell of god
Poetry 2012-03-224:32
Poetry 1869-03-20Prisonnier silencieux
Poetry 1869-03-19Fader of Gentle
Poetry 2012-03-17mère de votre enfant
Poetry 1869-03-14Innominata
Poetry 1869-08-27Tetelestai
Poetry 1869-03-07He would never desert me .
Graphic Art 2012-03-09I feel guilt when I smile
Poetry 1869-06-08Bebe de la mine
Poetry 1869-08-27sui caedere
Poetry 1869-08-27I cannot be loved
Poetry 2012-03-02Lord Jurgen
Poetry 2012-02-29Coulsdon Cane Hill
Poetry 2012-02-27je pleure
Poetry 2012-02-25I want my light to go out.
Graphic Art 1869-11-30And then you go ... 4:32
Poetry 2012-02-20Dimmer seems the Lord himself.
Graphic Art 2012-02-17645 First Avenue
Poetry 2012-02-15 il est endormi
Poetry 2011-12-29I dreamt I was born in Avignon in 1869
Poetry 2011-12-21And to you there shall be many strange things.
Poetry 2011-12-18I Long .
Poetry 2011-12-15I am poor for the lord .
Poetry 2011-12-12ballet & lotus weeds
Poetry 2011-10-25& everything is upstairs in a room where light never goes
Poetry 2011-10-23As sorrow almost always refines and softens the face
Poetry 2011-10-22.Unreliable Narrator .
Poetry 2011-10-20& love limps from your eyes .
Poetry 2011-09-05at the foot my thoughts they gather.
Poetry 2011-08-28Isangelous.
Graphic Art 2011-08-24Melpomene
Poetry 2011-08-16sprinkled with snapdragons
Poetry 2011-08-03Infinite treasure
Poetry 2011-06-09Sabbatikos
Poetry 2011-06-08Aristotelis
Poetry 2011-05-28 The stones will cry out
Poetry 2011-03-26swallow .
Poetry 2010-12-27Tiny philosopher
Graphic Art 2010-11-22 Corinthian the go go dancer
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