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I would rather die of a broken heart every day, than to not love.

Hello Dark Poets,

I am a passionate man that lives by an honorable code of conduct to the best of my ability. I am capable of great love, which is definitely a blessing, but can also bring great pain.

I have not deluded myself into believing that I am a good person, but I'm doing the best I can.

OK, usually that's true. Not always.

I love to play, spontaneously and with much vigor. I have been likened to a Labrador Puppy, very loyal and loving, but playful enough to get myself into trouble at times.

I am a terrible flirt, although mostly harmless. My more forceful than average sex drive is a constant source of inner pressure, since I desire to touch only the one person I love.

I believe that love and sex are both at their best when they are both shared with one's soul-mate.

I write to get it out, because it hurts, and because there is no one around me that wants to hear what is really inside me. They want to see the mask.

I have learned that there are some things that cannot be fixed, and love does not conquer all unless it is maintained in both directions. Life and time knock down our world, and will tear down even love- unless we continually rebuild it.

Strange, but whomever reads my work here will know me in a way better than the people who see me every day.

Then again that's my fault, I am continually crushed beneath a tapestry of lies of my own weaving. It's poetic really, I've always had a hatred of lies. Isn't it odd how the truth can turn into the most credible lie.

I would say enjoy, but well... wallow in the pain might be more accurate. To each, his own.


Planet Family:

Mercury: Geisha
Venus: Amaryllis (My Kinkajou and first friend here in the Darkness)
Mars: Marionette Mars: my huggable incestuous... Sister
Earth: heartdripsblack
Moon: MoonBunny (the evil bunny of Lunardom )
Jupiter: Echoes of Orpheus
Saturn: Please Press Reset (the Beautiful Pixie)
Neptune: Caliraphy (the pretty lady)
Uranus: SilentStalker (are Klingons orbiting?)

Supernova: Mithiras
Blackhole: Hydra

and I am : Comet Scarrzz


If you want to look at my pics, they're here:

or mail me outside DP at:

Scarrzz at gmail (dot) com


Other's Quotes of Profundity:

A person will worship something, have no doubt about that. We may think our tribute is paid in secret in the dark recesses of our hearts, but it will out. That which dominates our imaginations and our thoughts will determine our lives, and our character. Therefore, it behooves us to be careful what we worship, for what we are worshipping we are becoming.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson


Scarrzz' Quotes of Profundity:

Unconditional love bestows the power to endure such agony that one can withstand anything but it's loss.

Sex without love is like a shadow. You can go through the motions and see the picture of it, but there is no real depth, no substance to it. The spiritual aspect of the unity of two souls is the missing dimension.

When one's heart is full of corruption, or full of himself, there is no room for God. Human Nature is such that we usually convince ourselves of what we want to believe, rather than that for which we have the most evidence.

Forever hangs around one's neck like a locked chain, so it behooves one that he should be careful to whom he gives the key.


When the sun is no longer warm and my ashes have been scattered to the wind and this world has crumbled and reformed into the next, still my spirit will scream out that
I love you.


The trouble with dying of a broken heart is that it takes so danged long.


Real love, if I can be so bold as to attempt a definition of sorts, isn't lust, or affection, or compassion, or a vow that one takes at an altar.

Real love isn't even a fixation on the fantasy that one builds up in his or her mind surrounding another person.

Real love is a change in the person who opens his or her heart and accepts another unconditionally, admirable qualities and faults, beauty along with wrinkles. Love is a spiritual cord that once formed, bonds you to another person, for better or worse, because real love cannot be undone.


Personal Best: These are my own works that I tend to come back to often.

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