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Poetry (Reflective)2005-10-01No Questions
Lyrics (Reflective)2005-10-02ROME
Lyrics (Reflective)2005-10-02GIVER
Lyrics (Love)2005-10-03DEATH, then the kiss
Poetry (Depressed)2005-10-04IN A BLINK
Poetry (Love)2005-10-05Evernow
Poetry (Philosophical)2005-10-06Creeping
Poetry 2005-10-07Just be here
Poetry (Spiritual)2005-10-09That guy.
Poetry (Personal)2005-10-09Smoke and glass (My example)
Poetry 2005-10-10When she was , my love
Poetry 2005-10-11At odds with privacy
Lyrics 2005-10-13Hell____without you
Poetry 2005-10-14Smoke Vision
Lyrics (Personal)2005-10-16Man-child
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2005-10-17Suggest a title. Please.
Other (Personal)2005-10-22A dream I had
Other 2005-10-28No reason. Part 1
Poetry 2005-10-28No reason. Part 2
Poetry (Depressed)2005-10-30Distructive Dispair
Poetry 2005-11-12One last gift (No reason part 3)
Poetry 2005-11-14Soals At Zero
Poetry (Comedy)2005-11-18I say nothing
Poetry (Reflective)2005-11-21I say nothing (Really this time)
Lyrics (Personal)2005-12-10I AM ( the birth of Veingo)
Poetry 2005-12-12Oh the colors
Poetry (Comedy)2005-12-18I'm A Killer
Other 2006-01-11I Won't Let Go
Other 2006-01-15Naive?
Poetry (Depressed)2006-01-17Void
Lyrics (Non-Fiction)2006-03-06I Crave The Ache
Other (Tribute)2006-03-09Glass Doll
Other (Rage)2006-03-14You know who you are (Yea, right)
Graphic Art 2006-04-11Hey Sharon, I did it first.
Graphic Art 2006-04-11Puppy, & me.
Graphic Art 2006-04-19The most beautiful girl in the world
Other (Tribute)2006-04-23DP ...RX
Lyrics 2006-05-14A Question Only The Dead Can Answer
Poetry (Personal)2006-05-15Someone I Could Have Loved
Other (Reflective)2006-05-16????????
Other (Rage)2006-05-18Where lies come from
Lyrics 2006-06-03Earth Will Cleanse Herself
Graphic Art (Comedy)2006-07-14I KNEW IT!!!
Other 2006-07-20I can't belive this. LOL
Graphic Art 2006-07-22Try & get a teenager to smile
Poetry 2006-09-14After all of that
Rant (Comedy)2006-09-16Betacarotene instead of nicotine
Poetry 2006-10-10Your ad here
Poetry 2006-10-26Something to be proud of.
Short Story (Fantasy)2007-01-15The "fary"
Poetry 2007-02-11Memorie
Poetry 2007-05-28Bubble Wrap
Poetry 2007-06-04Words can never hurt me
Poetry (Tribute)2007-07-01For poets whom I can feel
Poetry 2007-08-06il sentimento e tocca ( with Sunset skittles)
Short Story (Non-Fiction)2007-08-18My life scripted
Graphic Art (Horror)2007-10-03I TOLD you they were real!
Poetry (Reflective)2007-12-09Capital 6
Poetry (Spiritual)2007-12-15At last Epiphany
Poetry (Tribute)2008-05-27Hopeless, can you sense it?
Other 2008-08-17Overlay & Inlay
Poetry 2008-09-201
Poetry (Philosophical)2008-10-28A toast!
Poetry 2009-08-08As applied to everything
Poetry (Depressed)2009-09-27Glint
Poetry 2012-02-12A Walking Punchline
Poetry (Love)2012-02-18Lost In Zion
Poetry (Reflective)2012-02-25A Punchline Walking....
Poetry (Tribute)2012-03-03Sparrow
List (Reflective)2012-07-13(In)-(Re)-flection
Poetry (Spiritual)2012-07-18Cause and Affection
Poetry (Fantasy)2012-07-22Greymachen
Poetry (Reflective)2012-07-28Singular
Poetry (Tribute)2012-08-03HiddEn MessAges
Poetry 2017-02-19She can.. She won't...
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