The fallen... part 1

By Cant walk away

You clipped my wings and let me fall from the grace,
which was never earned by my years of tormented days.
I fell from the skies for eternity as I realized things would never be the same.
The robes that once flowed delicately,
and hung delightfully from my ivory skin are torn from raw emotion.
All the winds of pain, tear holes in what is left of my heaven. 
I was a Goddess once, rarely a let down.
Like a walking dream you once begged to sleep for.
Upon my golden wings you would lay your lips joyfully singing my praises,
as I graciously answered your prayers for my adoration.
Lovingly, I would drop to my knees to be at your level,
hating my life above you.
Couldn't you see that I fell for you,
taking a step off the ledge of heaven.
Or was it only the goddess you loved,
looking up to the skies wondering why it was forbidden to have me from the beginning.
Begging for one moment to touch me as a mortal,
hoping for a way.
You would reach for me when you were at your lowest,
groveling at my feet like I could fix you at your worst.
Your eyes were full of tears the last time you reached for me,
grabbing my hand to find the connection once more.
In doing so you stripped me of my title and  tore the wings from my flesh. 
Even though the pain was exquisitely licking at my skin,
it could never amount to the one I felt as you walked away from my falling to mortality.
A failed attempt at loving someone forever,
never looking back upon the birth of a mere human,
from the immortality of what you once loved.
Guess the saying is true,
the first step is a doozy.
Too bad your the one I fell for....

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Copyright 2012 Cant walk away
Published on Thursday, January 28, 2016.     Filed under: "Poetry"

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Comments on "The fallen... part 1"

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  • A former member wrote: All I can sway is wow. This is the most beautiful poem I have read so far. Amazing!

  • veingo On Saturday, March 3, 2012, veingo (538)By person wrote:

    Oh so many times I have tried to bring myself down a little to meet some one on their own level. Out of love, or the chance for it; only to have them look back as I am beneath them. It is the worst kind of heartbreak, and you penned it exactly.. ^V^

  • Ladyhawke On Friday, March 2, 2012, Ladyhawke (414)By person wrote:

    I love you!! This was so beautiful. Tragically true and brutally honest. I found this comletely enveloping me. I was caught on every word and left with a feeling of being almost... described. You are a fallen goddess indeed. For only an angel could write with this trueness and passion. I bow to you, milady.

  • A former member wrote: Very beautiful work, Love is an art in its own, Very few master it,

  • FadedBlues On Thursday, March 1, 2012, FadedBlues (2279)By person wrote:

    ...I heard the story of a woman who, upon falling in love,said 'o no, not him!'...

  • veingo On Thursday, March 1, 2012, veingo (538)By person wrote:

    Wish granted... Poem faved.. Beautiful. ^V^

  • A former member wrote: you fell for me cuz i tripped u :D lol jk beautiful work :)

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