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You're more than welcome to read my mind..................

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Poetry (Love)2007-08-20When a poet falls in love
Poetry (Love)2007-08-23Sing To Me, Nightingale
Poetry 2007-08-28Jack Daniels
Poetry 2007-09-01I could never be a poet
Poetry (Love)2007-09-09Blind Man's Eyes
Poetry (Love)2007-10-31Autumn Ends the Inevitable, Gods eventually smile
Other (Reflective)2008-01-29into oblivion co write with Narcissa
Other (Depressed)2008-02-16Whiskey Metaphores co write with Narcissa
Other (Love)2008-02-18Touchpoint and lamentations written with Sketso
Poetry 2008-05-01Hemorrhage
Poetry (Love)2008-05-19Perfect ecstasy
Poetry (Love)2008-06-06Baby, i'm in the mood for you
Poetry (Love)2008-06-24Definition : Female
Poetry (Tribute)2008-06-24The Beauty of a woman
Poetry (Reflective)2008-06-26Where's the mighty Poet?
Poetry (Reflective)2008-06-26From a poet to a Poem
Poetry (Personal)2008-06-29a nobody plus a nobody equals a somebody
Poetry (Love)2008-07-01Cuando allare tus alas?
Poetry (Love)2008-07-03Beauty in disorder
Poetry (Love)2008-07-14Psalm to mi amore
Poetry (Philosophical)2009-01-19Good it?
Poetry 2010-01-14sorry i failed you
Graphic Art 2010-01-15Lady Grinning Soul
Poetry 2010-01-24Can i Love tonight?
Poetry 2010-01-26Baby, I've fallen...
Poetry 2010-01-28Heal me once i can fly
Poetry 2010-01-29I dare to see what i look like to you
Poetry 2010-01-30This is the story
Poetry 2010-02-01The nudity of you, woman
Poetry 2010-02-02This is me, for you
Poetry 2010-02-05Love, you inspire poetry
Poetry 2010-02-07And i'll kiss you
Poetry 2010-02-08the perfect story
Poetry (Adult)2010-02-10Making Love
Poetry 2010-02-14Rags to Wishes
Poetry 2010-08-13I still breathe
Poetry 2010-08-13Sinful elegance
Poetry 2010-08-16Your hands, they inspire
Poetry 2010-08-16elisa
Poetry 2010-08-18.38 special
Poetry 2010-08-22I give you my tongue
Poetry 2010-08-23it wasnt love
Poetry 2010-08-24Your amazing
Rant (Reflective)2010-09-02Can anyone tell me?
Poetry 2010-09-02Sweet Home Alabama
Poetry (Love)2012-09-14Love Letter
Poetry (Love)2012-09-15Midnight Kisses
Poetry (Reflective)2012-09-19Decent to MaDneSS
Poetry 2012-09-24Art.trocity
Poetry 2012-09-28Ménage à trois
Other (Personal)2012-11-14Operation Iraq Freedom
Poetry 2013-08-25- The Madness of Men -
Poetry 2013-08-28-Fidelity in Stride -
Poetry 2013-08-30 - Cigarettes and Polka Dots -
Poetry 2013-09-01- Virgins and Savages -
Poetry 2013-09-03- She fills the gaps (between my ribs) -
Poetry 2013-09-05- Gin and Lesbians -
Poetry (Tribute)2013-09-16- World-Egg (batteries not included) -
Poetry 2013-09-24 -Anemia-
Poetry 2013-09-27- Serpent Soul -
Poetry (Reflective)2013-09-29- meteor hearts & retro agendas -
Poetry 2013-10-01- this weather torn election poster - w/ Dancing_Monkey
Poetry 2013-10-03- C'est la vie (Live and let die) -
Poetry 2014-06-0269 seconds
Poetry (Reflective)2015-03-10He meets her, She meets everyman
Poetry (Reflective)2015-03-18Sex Tides and Cosmic Dust
Poetry (Love)2015-03-21As the poet loves the pen
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