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Yes, I took this underwater picture and no, I don't know why it is so funny to me. It's either the one on the right looking the wrong way, or the one in the back sleeping.

Recycled's Works

Poetry 2007-08-05Time Keeper
Poetry 2007-05-20Astral Fall
Poetry 2006-12-20Forgettable
Poetry 2006-03-11Suffocating
Poetry 2006-01-10Anticipation
Poetry 2005-07-22Ignore Me
Poetry 2005-02-23The art of isolationism
Poetry 2004-07-18Atlantis
Poetry 2004-07-02Force
Poetry 2004-05-18Highlighter
Poetry 2004-01-02Icarus Aftermath
Rant 2003-07-01Whores
Poetry 2003-06-25Anti-God
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