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"... it is an ever-fixed mark
that looks on tempests
and is never shaken..."

RhymeBound's Works

Poetry (Love)2006-08-27The Siren's Lament
Poetry 2006-10-09The Flight of the Broken Winged
Poetry (Structured)2000-08-04Forgotten Lands
Poetry (Tribute)2006-12-17The Legion of Tragic Heroes Marches
Poetry (Depressed)2007-03-16Thousand
Other (Reflective)2007-03-29Prose II :: The Waking
Poetry (Structured)2007-06-05The Sailor's Lament
Other (Reflective)2008-03-11Prose III :: No Place
Poetry 2009-12-02worthless
Poetry (Structured)2011-12-02the short & bittersweet collection
Poetry (Structured)2011-12-02gaining the storm
Poetry (Structured)2012-02-20short & bittersweet XVII
Short Story (Fiction)2012-10-25a brief eternity in prose #1
Poetry 2013-06-30short & bittersweet XVIII
Poetry (Structured)2015-03-30short & bittersweet XIV
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