By RhymeBound

can pay the cost of all which has a price.
with ease what can be bought that i can buy
all that for which mere money will suffice.
in my possession all that caught my eye.

i am the richest of the rich and yet
as well the poorest i am of the poor.
amassed a fortune, am in no man's debt
and yet misfortune i have to endure.

all riches in the end they are for nought,
in spite of Mammon's favor life is cruel.
what good all wealth? i want what can't be bought.
still happiness eludes this wretched fool.

of all that's in the world these words hold true,
it is all worthless unless shared with you.

~ RhymeBound

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Copyright 2009 RhymeBound
Published on Wednesday, December 2, 2009.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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Comments on "worthless"

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  • Jonas Robinson On Wednesday, December 9, 2020, Jonas Robinson (939)By person wrote:

    This is so beautiful. I love dark romance. Thank you for sharing and congrats on poem of the day. :)

  • carlosjackal On Friday, December 2, 2016, carlosjackal (2641)By person wrote:

    Worthy winner and wonderfully written sonnet. More works......Please?

  • TropicalSnowstorm On Tuesday, February 18, 2014, TropicalSnowstorm (1799)By person wrote:

    Wow, you nailed that challenge shut! Scholar

  • jennifer atwood On Sunday, July 28, 2013, jennifer atwood (12)By person wrote:

    I like this poem because it's so true.if you don't have anyone to share your love or happiness with then what good is materialistic things?

  • Star On Wednesday, December 5, 2012, Star (1013)By person wrote:

    oh wow.. this is awesome, great pen work :)

  • A former member wrote: I love how it flows... and then that twist. really great.

  • PoetessDarkly On Friday, September 21, 2012, PoetessDarkly (764)By person wrote:

    great pen.

  • Alchemist On Friday, October 7, 2011, Alchemist (703)By person wrote:

    Beautiful sonnet

  • A former member wrote: " ..what good all wealth? i want what can't be bought. " -hmmm yes, as do I *sighs* great write . ~Apryl

  • Gray Vision On Monday, July 26, 2010, Gray Vision (440)By person wrote:

    You know, I've noticed you love writing with flow something im very fond of, no wonder I appreciate your works so. I think if we did a collaboration, it would be something epic. Thank you for sharing yet again another amazing piece =)

  • A former member wrote: I agree with your every word. Beautifully written. :)

  • A former member wrote: ohhhh.... and congrats on the award! :)

  • A former member wrote: wow. i loved this so much i am not sure what else to say. leaving me at a loss for words is a very rare thing, my friend.......write on.......~S

  • HeadpatSlut On Wednesday, March 24, 2010, HeadpatSlut (262)By person wrote:

    This is, amazing to say the least,one of the bet poems I've read on here so far, it really shows the true longing of love when it is beyond you, I know how that feels, and I think you did a great job of portraying that here, I can see why you won a contest with this, write the fuck on!!!!!! \m/ Scholar

  • Musik2MyEyes On Saturday, February 20, 2010, Musik2MyEyes (193)By person wrote:

    Perfectly written old story. A wonderful "random" reminding of important things in life. Much respect to you...and old congrats for winning a contest with this.

  • carlosjackal On Friday, January 8, 2010, carlosjackal (2641)By person wrote:

    Congratulations! :) A most worthy winner.

  • A former member wrote: Congratulations Rhyme! Impeccable verse, as always. very deeply addresses the theme, moving... I tried, but failed... *sniffles* no one even liked mine. Seriously, way to go. Hey, is there anywhere we can see all the entries at this time? Perhaps you're not the person to ask ;). Good work, man.

  • DarkPoet On Wednesday, January 6, 2010, DarkPoet (234)By person wrote:

    Not only does it closely follow the iambic pentameter, it has a great storyline and makes a very good point within the theme. Congratulations on your win! Scholar

  • Aunty Depressant On Sunday, December 20, 2009, Aunty Depressant (434)By person wrote:

    Very well put. It's sentiment echoes of the Beatles and Charles Dickens. Money can't buy you love, and if you can't love...what good is money?

  • Dilated View On Tuesday, December 15, 2009, Dilated View (602)By person wrote:

    Touche. The most miserable I've been in my life happened to be while I was earning the most money I've made in my working career due to seperation and physical distance from those people and things that mattered the most to me. Happiness can be an elusive concept :p

  • A former member wrote: You've got this in the bag. Very well done. +tpu+

  • carlosjackal On Friday, December 11, 2009, carlosjackal (2641)By person wrote:

    Exactly :O)

  • melodies revisited On Wednesday, December 2, 2009, melodies revisited (30)By person wrote:

    Stunning, absolutely stunning. I liked this work very much, Rhyme. Well done. It made my heart ache to share life with another. I might even write because of this... ~Mel

  • Phalanx On Wednesday, December 2, 2009, Phalanx (758)By person wrote:

    You certainly live up to your name. This was excellent. The structure of this piece was without flaw but it was the romantic moral that really touched me. A chip of ice fell from my heart as the final line fell from my lips. Awesome.

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