Comments by TropicalSnowstorm

  • "“We make friends with everyone we meet...then go home and forget their names…” Great lines! I enjoyed this piece very much, always a treat to see something new from you. Ciao, T/S"
    Posted by TropicalSnowstorm on "Malibu Barbie " by River Lily
  • "“Yesterday I watched you be kind, not for the sake of kindness, but for what they gave you, like sandwiches in summer.” - I found myself rereading this line over and over. This is filled with imagery that creates a scene in my mind, rowing out into the waves, as they crash into the sides of the boat... I too could go there, but today is not the day. Excellent piece! Ciao, T/S"
    Posted by TropicalSnowstorm on "Sandwiches" by tmanzano
  • "This is an excellent piece with lots of quotable lines, although my favorite is “The Deluge came as just another shower”...lots of wisdom in that. It never seems like a big deal until it is. Drop...drop...drop...flood. Also I am a sucker for any allusion to Babylon… I took a course recently where they related an event in Which a later Syrian king diverted one of the rivers to flood Babylon in order to completely destroy it because he could not control its inhabitants to his satisfaction. Later, this kings own son assassinated him and used money from the treasury to rebuild the famed city. The cruelty and waste and squandered potential contained at every level of that story were exceedingly sad and I think relevant to your theme. Great work! Ciao, T/S "
    Posted by TropicalSnowstorm on "Peace by Pieces (villanellish)" by dwells
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