Comments by TropicalSnowstorm

  • "Great piece! Always working for Someday, maybe next Saturday...out of reach and also just so very almost there. We live in this moment as we strive toward the next, but its always important to remember this moment is the one we actually inhabit. Marcus Aurileus wrote something just like that and I had the delicious sense when I read it, my goodness, 2000 years removed from my own timeline and yet he gets me. I felt a similar feeling when I read this piece, although your metrr and flow were cooler than his. :) Ciao, T/S"
    Posted by TropicalSnowstorm on "Monday" by God Is In The Rain
  • "Wonderful piece whose essence is captured in the lines "that life from the past, sleeps deeply." I can relate to this and, at times, when I look back at different periods of my life they seem like things someone else experienced. Ciao, Steve"
    Posted by TropicalSnowstorm on "i found forever in another location" by Magdalena
  • "I think it works if you end it after "furthermore." Either that, or you need thirteen lines in that last part or it seems out of balance and what is there seems too in earnest to tie things up. I think you can just leave it hanging and it works fine. The only two lines that I don't think really worked were "To watch upcoming season, of "pururin" cartoon." Other than that, I think all the lines are witty and filled with excellent imagery. Ciao, T/S"
    Posted by TropicalSnowstorm on "Promises to the Moon" by God Is In The Rain
  • "Interesting piece! I love the imagery, which combined with the changing patterns and cadence of your lines made this wuite complex. Well done! Ciao, T/S "
    Posted by TropicalSnowstorm on "ColorBlind" by JensGoneMad
  • "That turned dark fast! I like how you start out hopeful and romantic, then descend into her being happy without you. Definitely didn't see that coming! Ciao, T/S"
    Posted by TropicalSnowstorm on "Tough truth" by Nemo
  • "Well constructed piece about a painful subject. If this is based on personal experience, I hope the introspection moves on to self-forgiveness quickly. It is rare someone has no regrets about how they handle the end...there is always something not said or done, because that is how it works. It doesn't make that person guilty. Ciao, T/S"
    Posted by TropicalSnowstorm on "...Metastasis " by SolApathy
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