Comments by TropicalSnowstorm

  • "Interesting piece! I love the imagery, which combined with the changing patterns and cadence of your lines made this wuite complex. Well done! Ciao, T/S "
    Posted by TropicalSnowstorm on "ColorBlind" by JensGoneMad
  • "That turned dark fast! I like how you start out hopeful and romantic, then descend into her being happy without you. Definitely didn't see that coming! Ciao, T/S"
    Posted by TropicalSnowstorm on "Tough truth" by Nemo
  • "Well constructed piece about a painful subject. If this is based on personal experience, I hope the introspection moves on to self-forgiveness quickly. It is rare someone has no regrets about how they handle the end...there is always something not said or done, because that is how it works. It doesn't make that person guilty. Ciao, T/S"
    Posted by TropicalSnowstorm on "...Metastasis " by SolApathy
  • "I am quite enamored with the folk tale of red riding hood and enjoy seeing the various works that it inspires. This was a most excellent and enjoyable contribution to the genre! Ciao, T/S"
    Posted by TropicalSnowstorm on "Big Bad Wolf" by Shaded_Iris
  • "Great piece! Turning points are often started by a chain initiated by something hard to remember in hindsight. I particularly liked the line "to bare loss is not destruction." There is profound wisdom in that. Ciao, T/S"
    Posted by TropicalSnowstorm on "Prussian Rose" by Blinded_Tiger
  • "I like the picture and the words expressed, which I think work well together. I found the picture to soften and focus the words more toward a hopeful direction than they might have, as the flowers are doing what they were designed for and with it they bring peace. Ciao, Steve "
    Posted by TropicalSnowstorm on "Heavy." by soul_versing
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