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  • "That's a hard thing to commit, to. When you're honest with yourself, that's when light creeps through. I am so very sorry for your loss. Sometimes, things happen that we don't understand. Keep pushing, forward. This write is honest. It's a ten."
    Posted by Phalanx on "HANDS" by Carnage Amelia Diaz
  • "Your headspace needs room for operation. You can pick and fold as much as you like. The truth remains the same."
    Posted by Phalanx on "My Decay" by Deathkitten
  • "I appreciate the kind words but, disagree when it comes to such concepts not gaining, favor. People express themselves in the best ways they know, how. When someone takes the time to comment that, says enough."
    Posted by Phalanx on "Snapshot" by Phalanx
  • "This sounds like, gravity. An undeniable force that brings you back to your self. This one makes me think. Nice, write."
    Posted by Phalanx on "~741 Hz~" by soul_versing
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