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  • "I'm not necessarily sure what you're doing with this. There's nothing wrong with liking the fray. I'm just afraid you might lose yourself. The light makes you feel dirty but, not everyone judged you by your stain. Keep writing my friend. I'm right there with you on the outskirts. Don't let darkness take you. I see too much light."
    Posted by Phalanx on "Monster" by Commander_Cadaver
  • "I just want too be back before cell phones and people that don't pay attention at stop lights."
    Posted by Phalanx on "Clay Soldiers" by Phalanx
  • "You fight because you have to. No one want's it. We like it because we've done it before. Anybody with any sense, hates it but, wishes for how the blood dresses our eyes. The ones you wouldn't think, fight. We do, because, no one else, will. We don't hate, we take care of business."
    Posted by Phalanx on "The Phalanx that Saved Freedom " by happilydepressed
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