Comments by carlosjackal

  • ""After a while it doesn't matter if you can prove it or not The life that you lived It isn't you any longer anyway"....BAM! Knockout punch in the first three lines. When I bookmarked this work all that time ago, I didn't have the words so I let the bookmark do all the talking. These words still don't do this piece justice or convey exactly how much I love this work and all your works. Absolute treasure. "
    Posted by carlosjackal on "Swallowing the sword" by cadymae
  • "Absolutely beautiful piece. Every line is crisp and wonderfully crafted. The way you take the haiku form and make it entirely your own is nothing short of fantastic. "
    Posted by carlosjackal on "In Gardens Of Grief." by TheProphetUntold
  • "I went to bookmark this but can't find the bookmark icon hidden anywhere. Nevertheless, this is 100% killer with a lovely lilting and soft wonderful tone. And that enjambment on, "No soft piano/ raindrops on my worn rooftop": Silent Dynamite."
    Posted by carlosjackal on "Quiet, Just Quiet." by TheProphetUntold
  • "Deceptively short but layered with multiplicity all delivered with a brilliant succinctness. "
    Posted by carlosjackal on "I" by Phalanx
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