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Formally known as:

Tattoo Goddess

IG: @j_l_verdiguel

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I’m a beautiful soul
swimming in a chaotic sea
of egotistical beings
that don’t deserve me.
= soul_versing💋
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Successfully completed reconstruction⚛️
Ascension Complete🕉💙💜


Food for thought:

“Less is more.” -Ludwig Mies van der Rohe-

“Karma isn’t a bitch it’s a mirror.” -Gauri S Mishra


Dual note:

I run on Mike’s charm and an overly needed dose of sarcasm. What can I say, this mind is a gift👀💋

soul_versing's Works

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Poetry 2016-03-14Madness Comes in Different Flavors - Final Post
Graphic Art (Tribute)2015-12-27Twilight Love Letters (For Brandi)
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Poetry (Tribute)2015-11-04When She Reads His Literary Tone, She Gains Stars in Her Eyes.
Poetry 2014-11-04Rippled Verses.
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