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Currently the King Cadaver of Cheese and Wine, feeding those I find bland to the wolves.

"You write very murder-fuck things." Lux 2018

"Into a world of pain, sinister outcome slices through
Steel cuts through skin, blood of old, blood of new
Become his hideous art, watching yourself die
You and your limbs now part, exanguate his high

Laid out on the table, strapped down, cannot move
The parting of your skin, precise butchering ensues
He will not let you die, prefers ripe and fresh
One cut at a time, the taste of still warm flesh" Malevolent Creation ~ "Slaughterhouse"

"I see the world through cadaver eyes
Sickened by the sight of all that I despise
Rotting mass devoured by maggots and flies
A ghoulish feast upon the necrotized
I see the world through cadaver eyes
A sucking grave from which nothing will rise
Too late we’ve just begun to realize
All that we touch, we cause to rot and die" Exhumed ~ "Through Cadaver Eyes"

"Laying out the tools of his trade
Scalpel, ice-pick and drill
Subject securely restrained
Electroshock is engaged
Prepare for the final phase
Cranial penetration

Ominous nefarious completely insane
Doctor Butcher and his dungeon of death
Unorthodox therapies performed on the brain
Prolific practitioner of pain" Cannibal Corpse ~ Icepick Lobotomy

"For God your soul, for me your flesh
I think that's a fair bargain
For me your flesh, for me your bones
For me your brain and your entrails
I'll prepare you, you got my word of honor
You will look nearly alive
Ashes to ashes dust to dust
Don't be afraid I'll prevent it" Pungent Stench ~ "For God Your Soul, For Me Your Flesh"

Commander_Cadaver's Works

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