Trading Cards

By Commander_Cadaver

-"I'll trade you my Pidgeot
For that Lapras of yours!"
I smile as I look at the holographic
Lapras, wanting it so badly.-

"I'll trade you my number
For that number of yours."
I smile at her as she sips
On her drink at the bar.

-"Hmm, how about no?"
She smiles and says to me,
Noticing the look of defeat
Rising on my face.-

"Hmm, how about yes?
"She smiles and says to me,
Her speech a little slurred
From her drinking all night.

-I walk out of the card shop,
Grumbling to myself about how
It would have been a fair trade
For the Lapras.-

We walk out of the bar together,
Her giggling making me smile
On this semi-cool night.
We get in her car and I drive her
Home so she can sleep it off.

-I wait outside the card shop
For my friends to exit so we can
Go home.
In the store, I spy the girl trade
The very same Lapras card
For something not as rare or
In mint condition as my Pidgeot.-

We get to her place and she leads
Me through the front door.
Her cat looks up at us before
Going back to sleep on the couch.
I help the girl out of her heels
And into her bedroom.

-Even grumpier, I drag my friends
Out of the store and tell them that
We are going home.
"What got into you?" Joseph asks
Me as I sigh melodramatically.-

After a quick tour of the house,
I walk back into her room and see
Her laying in nothing but a black
Lace thong.
"How did we trade numbers not even
An hour ago and already you have me
Mostly naked at my place?"

-I tell Joseph and Josh about my failed
Trade attempt for the Lapras and
Then watched the same girl trade
It away for something less valuable.
They laugh at me and tell me about
All the cards that they bought and traded.-

I smile at her and reach into my pocket,
Removing something shiny.
She smiles as the light reflects off of it
And spreads her legs.
I toss the Pidgeot card down between
Her legs and remove a scalpel from
My hoodie pocket.

-"I'll get her back one of these days
For embarrassing me like that.
It was a fair trade..." I continue to
Grumble as we walk the rest
Of the way home in semi-silence-

I leap on her and slide the fine blade
Over her soft, exposed neck.
"You should have traded me that Lapras
All those years ago."
I watch the life slowly drift from
Her eyes as I sit and reminisce
About the old days of Pokemon cards.

Unauthorized Copying Is Prohibited. Ask the author first.
Copyright 2021 Commander_Cadaver
Published on Saturday, February 27, 2021.     Filed under: "Fantasy" and "Poetry"

Author's Note:

Happy 25th birthday, Pokemon.
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  • I IS ME On Tuesday, March 2, 2021, I IS ME (421)By person wrote:

    Freaking love the way you rolled this piece freaking backwards like that dude. We read this joint twice, freak this is clever as heck. Super tight piece dude

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