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  • "This is a really tight piece, we think everyone has something from a previous relationship. They choose to keep these mementos of their past pains or good times. This say you chose to severe these memories, a pat on the back to you"
    Posted by I IS ME on "Ghosted" by Quietus
  • "Brought to the brink of reconnecting with reality, only to let it slip away again. Truly a sad piece of reality"
    Posted by I IS ME on "ColorBlind" by JensGoneMad
  • "This is a tight piece of writing Lady, we could read it again and probably will, tight "
    Posted by I IS ME on "Satin" by Cattarax
  • "It need the blend to round everything out. Thanks for the read and comment, much appreciation"
    Posted by I IS ME on "Andromeda" by I IS ME
  • "People deny it but there is a balance within, we're positive and negative. We think that our conscience choice after a certain age determine which one is more in control or does the the balance continue. Hahaha, we didn't intend this reply in that direction when we started replying. But people can heal each other and balance each other out. Share a genuine love for each other, not just as man and woman or partners, but as a true family that co exist in this world. Hahaha, freaking long answer to your comment we know "
    Posted by I IS ME on "Scarred" by I IS ME
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