By Commander_Cadaver

It started off as simple curiosity:
Free webcams where women
Do things for money.
My perverted mind needing something
More live than just videos.

After a few days of watching
Random women do various
Things, I found her.
She was captivating even
With clothes on.

I quickly made an account so
I can chat with her and get
To know her.
I needed to know everything
About her down to her third
Favorite color.

I broke through my awkwardness
Of being in the chatroom
But soon she and I started talking
About anything and everything.
I even knew her colors
By the end of the first day.

I started tipping her a little
At first to see what she would
Do for the money.
Soon it became apparent that
She would do almost anything.

Watching her through this window
Of technology, I fell for her, even
If I didn't know her real name...yet.

More and more I tipped her
And more and more I fell for her.
The windows separating us becoming
More and more of a hindrance.
I needed to be with her.

One night on a private show,
She was a bit wasted after a party
And she let her real name slip.
I told her that I would forget it
But in reality I already started
Searching for her social media accounts.

I found them all and with more searching,
I even found an address.
Better yet, it was within driving distance.

For a few nights, I drove past her
House, taking in the scenery and
Took notes of the layout.
There was even an easy to climb tree
Outside of her window.

I sat in that tree for night after night,
Chatting to her in the chatroom on
My phone while watching her in person.
But one night, I decided to watch her
On her day off of streaming and seen
Her with another man.

My heart broke, my eyes watered
And my anger and hatred rose.
I loved her and would have done
Anything for her but she betrayed
Me and my trust.

That brings us to tonight.
Here I sit in her dark bedroom closet,
Waiting patiently with a scalpel
For her to get home and stream.

I carve her name in my arm
Before her bedroom light comes on
And she walks into the room.
I watch through a crack in the doors
As she gets ready to stream for the night.

My phone vibrates as an alarm
Lets me know that she is online
And already the room is filled up
With the usual suspects and
Some randoms.

I watch the stream on my phone
And spot the closet doors,
My phone just barely visible in the crack.
People in the chatroom let her
Know about the light.

Here she comes.
Fuck, in person she is even more beautiful.
She opens the closet doors
And our eyes meet for the first time.
Before she could draw breath to scream,
I lunge out of the closet and sink
The fine blade into the neck.

Blood begins to spray and flow
As I stab her repeatedly.
"I'm so sorry that it had to come to this."
I cry out as I let her bloodied body
Drop to the floor.

I walk over to the chair in front
Of her webcam and smile
For the people on the other side
Of the window to see
What happiness she has brought me.

Unauthorized Copying Is Prohibited. Ask the author first.
Copyright 2021 Commander_Cadaver
Published on Monday, February 1, 2021.     Filed under: "Love" and "Poetry"

Author's Note:

The world is a cruel place.
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Comments on "Windows"

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  • Insatiable On Sunday, February 7, 2021, Insatiable (50)By person wrote:

    Twisted, in the best kind of way. Forever in love with your darkness.

  • Commander_Cadaver On Sunday, February 7, 2021, Commander_Cadaver (263)By person wrote:

    Hopefully I can continue delivering on the darkness then.

  • I IS ME On Thursday, February 4, 2021, I IS ME (475)By person wrote:

    As always dude you are a great story teller of the darkness. We simply love this piece, tight work dude

  • Commander_Cadaver On Saturday, February 6, 2021, Commander_Cadaver (263)By person wrote:

    Well shit, I appreciate it. Thank you, dude.

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