A Formal Celebration

By Commander_Cadaver

The sun just on the horizon,
The birds sing their songs
Loud for the world.

Scented in the best scents
Of the land,
And dressed in white,
I take a deep breath and
Prepare for today's ceremony.

As the guests arrive and servants
Rush to ready things for them,
I sit alone in my study.

I write a short poem upon parchment,
Sighing as the last of the ink
Slowly dries and seals the
Poem's life.

I leave the study one last time
And join the guests that have arrived
Many in tears,
Many with serious faces,
Many wishing me luck
For today.

No luck is needed today.
No, the only thing needed
Is an iron will.

The rest of the guests arrive
And they feast on what the servants
Brought out for them.
Some already drunk off of Sake
And crying as they look
In my direction.

I eat along with some friends...no,
Along with brothers.
They earned that title through the years.
They drink with me and help
Me forget a little about today's ceremony.
But just a little.

The time comes and the servants
Take away the food and drinks,
Clearing the area hurriedly as the guests
Begin to sit down.

I sit at the head of the room,
Looking out to them, nodding
That all will be okay.

"Today," I begin to say,
"I thank you all for joining
Me this last time.
But do not waste your tears
On me nor your sadness.
This is a time for celebration.
A time for us to remember."

Before I could finish, a hand is laid
On my shoulder and I nod
In understanding.

"I shall see you all soon."

I open the top part of my
White kimono, exposing my
Abdomen to the room.
Before anyone could interject,
I remove a small blade from its
Sheath and quickly stab it into
My stomach region.

The pain is unbearable but I
Must continue.
I must...for my family.
For my honor.

From left to right, I slice open
My stomach, letting my intestines
Fall to the floor in a pool of
My blood.

Shaking with pain,
I look up to the executioner
And nod.
He removes his sword
And in a swift motion...

Unauthorized Copying Is Prohibited. Ask the author first.
Copyright 2020 Commander_Cadaver
Published on Monday, June 29, 2020.     Filed under: "Tribute" and "Poetry"

Author's Note:

Tried to test my knowledge on this topic a little.
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