Love Under the Moonlight

By Commander_Cadaver

The pale blue light of
The full moon reflects
Off of your soft, snow white
Skin that your dress isn't covering.

Bright under the clear night sky,
Yet dark enough that I
Can hide my shaking from
My nerves.

I've never done anything like
This before but I couldn't
Resist you and your call.
I need you like you need me.

We lay on a blanket under a dead
Tree, silent for a few minutes
As we take in the cold air
And the beauty of the stars.

My hand rests on your thigh,
Rubbing it softly before slowly
Moving it up under your dress.
You say nothing but smile at me.

Still shaking a little, I slide
My hand further up your dress
Before stopping.
Not now, nerves. Not now.

I begin to rub you between your thighs,
Even with your eyes closed,
I can tell that you are enjoying it.
I am, too, but I will enjoy this more.

Without a word, I push down my pants
And boxers before lifting your
Dress up.
My heart pounds in my ears like a war drum.

For what feels like hours, days,
Weeks, we make love under the stars
And moon, the wind picking up
Quietly, almost as quiet as you.

As I climax inside of you and kiss
Your soft lips to hide my moan,
I roll off of you and laugh
In exhaustion.

I enjoyed that more than I thought
I would, especially out in the
Open like this.
Thank you for convincing me.

I kiss your lips again before standing
Up and pulling my clothes back up.
With a sly smile on my face,
I carefully pull down your dress.

I walk over to a mound of dirt,
Pick up a shovel and walk back
Over to you, my silent love.
It's time we go out separate ways.


By the time the sun rises on my back,
I'm caked in dirt and sweating
As I shovel the last bit of earth
Back on top of your casket.

Unauthorized Copying Is Prohibited. Ask the author first.
Copyright 2020 Commander_Cadaver
Published on Tuesday, December 1, 2020.     Filed under: "Love" and "Poetry"

Author's Note:

Grave robbing USA
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