Watch Me

By Commander_Cadaver

"Watch me!"
I hear her yell at
Her parents before
Performing a cartwheel.
Her parents applaud
And praise her actions.

-"Watch me..."
I tell the parents as they
Are bound helpless to chairs.
I slide the razor's edge
Over the inner right thigh
Of their precious daughter.-

"Watch me!"
She exclaims before diving
Into the family pool's deep end.
The water splashes a little
As her parents laugh for no reason.

-"Watch me..."
I say as I begin to skin their
Daughter's legs from thigh
Down to the ankle.
Oh the choir of muffled screams
Makes this so much worth it.-

"Watch me,"
She says with a smile before
Waiting to get her highschool
Her mother is crying and
Her father is smiling proudly.

-"Watch me..."
I begin to dissect her
Lower abdomen, blood running
Free from the incision.
Clamps hold the best cut open
As I carefully remove organs
That kept her alive.-

"Watch me,"
She scornfully says to her
Parents after a long fight
About her being with me.
They never liked me
For some odd reason.

-"Watch me..."
I say to her mother as I decapitate
The father's head from his neckless
Still leaking blood, I place the head
Into the empty stomach of the daughter.-

"Watch me?"
She pleads to her parents
After I proposed to her,
Wanting her to be mine until death.
They weren't a fan of the idea
But they wanted their daughter
To be happy.

I begin to say before I realize
That the mother died by
Choking on her own vomit.
A shame she didn't get to
See the end of my art
But it happens.-

"Watch me,"
She says with tears in her
Eyes before she walks down
To the altar with her father.
I smile as I see how beautiful
She is in that white dress.

-"Watch me..."
I say to the mangled corpse
Of my bride.
Carefully, lovingly, I slide
Her back into the wedding dress
And place her in bed,
Cradling her mother's head.-

Unauthorized Copying Is Prohibited. Ask the author first.
Copyright 2020 Commander_Cadaver
Published on Saturday, November 21, 2020.     Filed under: "Horror" and "Poetry"

Author's Note:

Was inspired to write something after watching "The Poughkeepsie Tapes".
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