A Forbidden Love

By Commander_Cadaver

I watch you from a distance
As you are surrounded by
Your family and friends.
Oh how loved you are.
But my love for you is stronger
Than theirs.

They say it was suicide but
What it really was was just
A bit extra insulin than your
Recommended dose.

They didn't expect foul play,
Especially not after finding
Your diary.
How depressed and lost
You were.
And the suicide note like
Entry on the last page
Took me some time to
Get your handwriting right.
It was a close match,
If I do say so myself.

Hours go by and the last
Of the mourners head home
Or wherever they can find to
Drown their sorrows.

As the moon hides behind
A tuft of clouds,
I make my way with shovel in hand
To the mound of freshly
Dug dirt that covers your
Beautiful flesh.

Turns out that grave robbing
Isn't as easy as the movies
Make it seem,
But I did it.
And away we go.

Lost in the woods,
I lay you down on the dirt,
My body shaking in anticipation.

The dawning sun fills the misty air
With a orange, purple light
That sets the mood for our
Romantic getaway.

I slide the dress off of your
Cold, blue skin and smile
As I look at the Y incision
That they left.
So perfect amongst your
Perfect flesh.

I lean down your ear as I
Slowly pull my dirt crusted
Pants down.
Softly I kiss your jawline
And whisper, "for god your soul,
For me...your flesh"

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Copyright 2020 Commander_Cadaver
Published on Monday, June 22, 2020.     Filed under: "Love" and "Poetry"

Author's Note:

Love is a powerful drug.
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  • dwells On Monday, June 22, 2020, dwells (5696)By person wrote:

    Formaldehyde breath was always a turn-off for me CC. Cheers my friend! - Dan

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