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  • "Many thanks for your insightful comment Dh and likewise to friends KB, JR, BP, and Miss Nat. Some things never change; except the history we've forgotten. Cheers all! - Dan"
    Posted by dwells on "The Charade (villanellish)" by dwells
  • "Liked how this was emphasized by an uneven metrical pattern BP. At first a bit disoriented but then realized it was done to highlight or accentuate the text and not lull the reader with a singsong tome of forced rhymes. Cheers and well done for these perceptive thoughts my friend and cheers! - Dan"
    Posted by dwells on "Graffiti Prophet" by bpathos
  • "An enigmatic snapshot that speaks to me of love and loss and the relentless march of time to which we must all pay homage. Cherish the good memories and learn from the bad ones; for they are our treasures and our crosses to be borne. Cheers JR! - Dan"
    Posted by dwells on "Wonders of" by Jonas Robinson
  • "Recommending less time online my friend. Our time can be better spent; on almost anything else. Cheers! - Dan"
    Posted by dwells on "a stressed mind." by Nemo
  • "Wicked smiles from ear to ear; papier mache if too severe, band aids failed to stop the spear, thrown from the cliffs of vengeance. Cheers Sol and Happy New Year! - Dan"
    Posted by dwells on "...Wounds" by SolApathy
  • "A whammo ending to an easy-going scence, set skillfully by you my friend. We are all walking wounded. Cheers and happy new years TM - Dan"
    Posted by dwells on "Tormented Musicians " by tmanzano
  • "Demons sometimes have all the fun; but paybacks can be a beatch I hear Cat. We are often bored and idle hands...cheers my friend and Happy New Years! - Dan"
    Posted by dwells on "There is a Demon Inside of Me" by Cattarax
  • "Appreciate your readership and esteemed comments always my friends Str8, TCM, WW, Sol, and IAZ - cheers all and Happy Holidays (it's only a movie...:) - Dan"
    Posted by dwells on "The Charade (villanellish)" by dwells
  • "You paint quite a profound background scenery TCM. Always a sign of a skillful write when most of the senses are employed. Takes the reader along for the ride. Cheers! - Dan "
    Posted by dwells on "the underground in my mind" by thecitymorgue
  • "A definite victim of the holiday blahs, I'd guess my friend Sol. We are all too ready to beat up on ourselves, when a ready world awaits to mete out a smorgasbord of tortures. Cheers! - Dan"
    Posted by dwells on "...Parabolic...Entanglement " by SolApathy
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