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  • "Right-on P! I refuse to say "spot-on" lest I be accused of Anglophilic cultural appropriation. Many thanks Miss Nat, Specter and Drea too - long time my friends! - cheers, Dan"
    Posted by dwells on "The Quatrain Has Left the Station" by dwells
  • ""Nightmares become dreams" and the morbidly mundane screams, for a respite from the rending seams, as I become amorphous. See what you made me do Sol! - cheers! - Dan"
    Posted by dwells on "...Tendrils " by SolApathy
  • "And the eagle returns for his daily lunch of liver... Always enamored of a nautical theme and this was superb 3F. Got a touch of the Ancient Mariner before diving to deeper deaths. Nicely done and cheers! - Dan"
    Posted by dwells on "Breathing Through Old Wounds" by FellowFutureFossil
  • "Sounds like 7 years bad luck DL; hoping tomorrow finds you healed and hopeful. It gets better, eventually, cheers! - Dan"
    Posted by dwells on "Cracked" by DeificLightning
  • "Welcome to DP! This was a difficult read my friend. I sympathize with your torment that few will ever understand. Sometimes we let science lead the way - and our hearts must follow, later, sadly. I understand that The Rachael Society can give some solace to the many who too late and forever, have those second thoughts. Be well - Dan"
    Posted by dwells on "HANDS" by Carnage Amelia Diaz
  • "All brought to the fore, and no doubt aggravated beyond comprehension by our current circumstances as well. A somber message to all lovers of another I should think. Cheers sadly Sol - Dan"
    Posted by dwells on "...Torment of a ticking clock" by SolApathy
  • "Hurts so good Queaz; here's a Band-Aid :) Sounds like you've taken a turn on the rack my friend. Cheers! - Dan"
    Posted by dwells on "mangle me" by Queazenart
  • "Many thanks TCM; I just returned to audit the closing (it's now a quatrain). Cheers! - Dan"
    Posted by dwells on "Entrepreneur" by dwells
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