By the Powers Vested In Me...

By Commander_Cadaver

I kiss her warm, wine red
Lips to seal the deal:
I'm happily married.
Our family and friends gathered
Here today erupt in a cheer
As I bend her backwards
And deepen the kiss.

We sit down and listen
To the toasts and the yells,
Laughs, cheers, and some sobs.
I push my dinner to the side,
Not hungry at the moment.
Too happy to eat is a thing,
Never too happy to drink
Some wine.

We dance the evening away,
The alcohol slowly taking
Over my shyness.
I've never danced in my life
And yet here I am with
Her hand in mine,
Dancing to upbeat music
That isn't metal.
Shocking, I know.
Just another sip of wine
Oh wait, it's whiskey now.
Well, another sip of that
And my legs have a mind
Of their own.

The night ends with she and I
Walking between our guests
Who are now waving lit sparklers.
Better this than killing birds
Or something.
In the limo, I pop a bottle
Of fresh champagne and drink a fair
Amount of it.
After that bottle, the night...the night....


I wake up in the bathroom
With my head in the toilet.
I can taste vomit and something
Else on my tongue.
After trying to guess what it is
For a few seconds,
I vomit into the toilet and sigh.
The red wine looks brighter
When it comes back up.

Groggily, I make my way
To the bedroom
Of our new house and stumble
Over her dress in the hallway.
Oh man, it must have been
A crazy night.
I hope she's resting w-

I yell at the top of my lungs
As I see her pale blue corpse
Laying in a pool of dried blood.
Crying, panicking, I rush over
To her only to see that her abdomen
Was completely ripped open and
She was disemboweled.
I cradle her against my chest
As shake from my sobbing.

I notice my phone lying a few feet
Away and I grab it,
Noticing the camera was on.
I see a new video was created
And I desperately watch it.

After what feels like hours,
I drop the phone and vomit
Again, this time yelling
As I do so.

In the video playing on the discarded phone, the wife is weakly yelling as the husband chews on her intestines, pieces of her flesh hanging from his closed mouth. Upon swallowing a small piece of her, he smiles into the camera before taking another bite out of his wife.

Unauthorized Copying Is Prohibited. Ask the author first.
Copyright 2020 Commander_Cadaver
Published on Saturday, September 5, 2020.     Filed under: "Horror" and "Poetry"

Author's Note:

Never go to bed on an empty stomach.
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