By Commander_Cadaver

The scent of Jupiter fills
The abandoned chapel.
Low humming of "Agios o Atazoth"
Flows from my lips as
I kneel before an alter of lit
Red candles and a chalice of red wine.

The candles form the sigil of Baphomet
And the chalice sits in the
Center of the star.
A knife lays at my knees,
Freshly sharpened and reflecting
The flames of the candles.

I grab the sacrificial knife,
Slide it over my right wrist,
And let the blood run into the chalice
To mix with the wine.
Lightheaded, I dip the tip
Of the knife in the mix and bring
It to my lips, kissing it.

Raising the chalice, I drink
The blood wine and close my eyes,
Feeling the burning slide down
Into my stomach.
Oh how rich the taste of the red elixir

With the knife now at my throat,
I close my eyes and begin to
Invoke Baphomet,
Vamperess of the Dark God's:

"I stand armed and dangerous before
The bloody fields of history;
Devoid of dogma but ready to carve,
To defy the transient:
Ready to stab forth with our penetrative will,
Strain every leash, run yelling down
The mountainside of man:
Ready and willing to immolate world upon
World with our stunning blaze.
And let them all sing the I am here,
As master among the failing species called Man.
My being took form in defiance
To stand before your killing gaze.
And now I travel from flame to flame
And tower from the will to the glory!

With the last of the invokation free
From my wine stained lips,
I slit my throat in pure ecstasy.
My blood runs freely from the incision
As I feel warmth start to encircle me.
A sharp wind blows out the candles,
Knocking a few over.

With my vision dimming, I see
A few young women kneeling around
Me and a beautiful, mature woman
Kneels before me.
"Rest now and your soul shall be seated
Upon a throne."
A beautiful voice, the last thing
I hear in this life before the mature
Woman rips my head from my neck
And holds it high for her daughters to see.

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Copyright 2020 Commander_Cadaver
Published on Saturday, October 24, 2020.     Filed under: "Spiritual" and "Poetry"

Author's Note:

Agios o Atazoth, Agios o Baphomet.
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Comments on "Invokation"

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  • I IS ME On Thursday, October 29, 2020, I IS ME (475)By person wrote:

    Deep and dark, a sacrifice has to be made dude. Super tight

  • Commander_Cadaver On Saturday, October 31, 2020, Commander_Cadaver (263)By person wrote:

    A mighty sacrifice to Baphomet, wherever she may be.

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