All the Same

By Commander_Cadaver

Years have come and gone
And each year a new love
Was introduced to me
Only to leave me.
They were all the same.
Except for tonight's date.

She's special.
Nothing like the others
And is pure of heart.
She's a brunette with
Hazel eyes that light up
The darkest corners of
My mind.
He smile so beautiful
That it makes my heart skip.
Skin so soft and pale that
I feel like my hands
Are gliding over silky waves
Of peach perfection.

And her voice.
Oh how that slight Midwestern
Accent makes her voice sound
So angelic and innocent
Yet wise in the ways
Of sin.
She is not the same as the others.
She is different.

The date goes well and we ended
Up back at my place.
Drinks were had,
Passion and lust overtake us,
Leading us to the bedroom.

I'm on top of her, kissing down
Her abdomen as she moans
Into the dark room.
Her fingers tangled in my hair
As she begs me to go further.
I look up at her and my
Heart sinks...

She looks like them.

She opens her eyes and looks down
Into mine.
Her mouth moving and forming words
But my rapid heartbeat drowns her out.

She's just like them.

I crawl back up to her and wrap
My left hand around her throat.
She seems to enjoy it,
Just like them.
They're all the same.
With my right hand, I grab my lamp
Off of my nightstand.
Raising it above my head, her eyes
Widen as she tries to scream.
I choke her hard enough so
That she only croaks out a whine.

I bring the base of the lamp
Down onto her skull and tell
As blood starts to sleep out of
A laceration.
Another blow, harder this time,
And the blood flows freely.
Bash after repeated bash
Leaves her face sunken in and
Bruised to a pulp.

She tries one more time, weakly,
To scream but no luck
As my own yells drown her out.

She'll die just like them.

One more blow to her cracked and
Oozing cranium and I drop
The lamp onto the floor.
Realization floods me as I look
At the mess I made.
They're all the same.


Years have come and gone
And each year a new love
Was introduced to me
Only to leave me.
They were all the same.
Except for tonight's date.

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Copyright 2020 Commander_Cadaver
Published on Sunday, June 7, 2020.     Filed under: "Horror" and "Poetry"

Author's Note:

Watching "Maniac" and got a little inspired to write something.
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  • Insatiable On Monday, June 8, 2020, Insatiable (50)By person wrote:

    I love this piece. It's a lovely little twisted love poem, and I appreciate it. You're welcome to murder me anytime! xx.

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