Dead Weight

By Commander_Cadaver

It's a chilly Friday night and the bar
Is packed with the usual loud
People that find it fun to
Have their drinks spilled on them.

I'm in the middle of a conversation
With a striking ginger haired girl
With eyes the glow blue even in
The amber light of the bar.
Her friends to the side of her
Keeping glaring at me and making
Faces each time I reply to a question
The ginger asks me.

Her friends get up and start to pull her
Towards the bathrooms.
She sighs, leans towards my ear,
And says loud enough for only me to hear,
"I'm sorry. They're just dead weight."
I flash a smile at her before she turns
To squeeze her way to her waiting friends.
I watch as I quietly sip my double of Beam,
Wondering what I got myself into.

A few hours go by before the ginger and I
Make our way to her place.
I wasn't expecting things to go this way
Tonight but I'm not complaining.

She's fairly drunk and flirting heavily as
We walk through her front door.
She throws her heels to the side of the living
Room and falls into her couch, staring at me
With half closed eyes.
I sit down next to her and we talk
A little more, doing my best to ignore
Her drunken advances.

She eventually falls asleep with her head
In my lap and her legs dangling over
The arm of the couch.
Carefully, I pick her up and carry her
To her room, quietly closing the door behind me


She wakes up, head pounding, and feeling
A warm wet spot around her.
She groans as she sits up and mumbles
Something about should have used the bathroom
Before falling asleep.
Before she could attempt to get out of bed,
I turn her light on and stare at her through
My gasmask's lenses.
She squints and blinks away the light
A few seconds before she looks up
At me and screams.

With my free hand, I raise a finger to the filter
As if to shush her before pointing
At the pale corpses of her friends.
"You don't want to wake the dead weight,
Do you?"
Screaming even louder,
She throws her covers off of herself
And tries to make a run for her bedroom door.

She trips and falls face first onto the floor,
Breaking her nose and loosening some teeth.
She sits up, sobbing, and notices the chain
Locked around her left ankle.
Her eyes follow the chain and see that
It is wrapped around her dead friends.
She lets out a wail and animal like cry
As she yanks and pulls at the chain and lock.

I walk over to her and squat down a few feet away,
Laying my hatchet across my knees.
"Yeah, I don't think you're gonna get out of
That chain that way."
Her eyes widen as they make their way
To the weapon on my knees.
I laugh out loud, shaking my head slowly.
"No no, this isn't some weak Saw knockoff."

She sobs again, clawing her nails into
Her own flesh to try and find a way
To loosen the chain.
I take hold of the hatchet and rise to my feet.
After a few seconds of watching her try to
Free herself, I grab a handful of her bright
Hair and start to chop into her
Bloodstained torso.

Unauthorized Copying Is Prohibited. Ask the author first.
Copyright 2020 Commander_Cadaver
Published on Sunday, May 10, 2020.     Filed under: "Horror" and "Poetry"

Author's Note:

Sometimes friends aren't always the best people to have around.
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Comments on "Dead Weight"

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  • dwells On Monday, May 11, 2020, dwells (4299)By person wrote:

    Guessing this was a one night stand for all involved CC. Good to read you again and cheers! - Dan

  • Commander_Cadaver On Monday, May 11, 2020, Commander_Cadaver (243)By person wrote:

    I mean, maybe for the corpses it was. Thanks for reading.

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