if I could find heroin I would use it

Legal boi

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Poetry 2014-09-24I'm bad with titles
Poetry 2014-09-18Look behind you
Poetry (Personal)2014-09-11In my head, You're not really dead
Poetry 2014-08-07Snow Crazy
Poetry 2014-05-14So they say
Poetry 2014-05-11The Internal Struggle
Poetry (Depressed)2014-05-09Paint me a portrait, lovely
Poetry (Depressed)2014-05-06The Perks of Being a Cone-Head
Poetry (Depressed)2014-04-22Let me be
Poetry (Depressed)2014-04-22Don't let me go mumma
Poetry (Personal)2014-04-21Penetration of the Mind
Poetry (Depressed)2013-11-23The Repression of Oppression
Poetry (Depressed)2013-11-23Child of the Wild
Poetry (Depressed)2013-11-20Run down and Dead
Poetry 2013-08-13A boys last goodbye.
Poetry 2013-06-20Closed mind
Poetry (Depressed)2013-05-12Just Gotta Run Away
Other (Tribute)2013-04-11I love you, man.
Poetry (Depressed)2013-02-27The Baby Mouse
Short Story (Non-Fiction)2013-02-25The Lost One
Poetry (Depressed)2013-02-24Every Night and Every Day
Poetry (Depressed)2013-02-19DIE
Short Story (Fantasy)2012-05-24That Feeling of nothingness
Short Story (Fantasy)2012-05-23The Evil in the forest
Poetry 2012-05-22The Fall
Poetry (Rage)2012-05-21The Beast Inside
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