Featured Poet - Poets Against Hunger event, Nov 21, 2015

By TropicalSnowstorm

I was recently asked to headline a Poets Against Hunger event in Northern Virginia on Nov 21, 2015.  The event was sponsored by the local groups Poets Anonymous and NOVA Bards.  I spoke for about an hour, and this is the first 20 minutes or so of the set.  

Direct Link: https://youtu.be/ccFhBXcOe5w


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Published on Friday, December 11, 2015.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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Comments on "Featured Poet - Poets Against Hunger event, Nov 21, 2015 "

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  • A former member wrote: your personality just really made the poems come alive awesome reading.

  • soul_versing On Tuesday, December 22, 2015, soul_versing (885)By person wrote:

    Fabulous reading, sir. .applauds. Scholar

  • lupus tenebrae On Saturday, December 12, 2015, lupus tenebrae (870)By person wrote:

    Aw, I really appreciate how you integrated me into your set, which was also very solid, overall. The real allure of a poetry reading is no doubt the narrative aspect of it, to be in the audience and feel like an active part of the verses on display...truly indescribable. Scholar

  • TropicalSnowstorm On Saturday, December 12, 2015, TropicalSnowstorm (1715)By person wrote:

    Thank you both! That was my first time doing something like that and I had a whole hour to fill, so I had 4 areas programmed in that were longer "set-ups" like the Final Countdown so I could break it up a bit. As I get more practice I think my delivery will get smoother. Scholar

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